Five Letter Words That Start With Po: Top List

Looking for five-letter words that start with “po”? Discover a comprehensive list of such words below!

  1. Polar- relating to the North or South Pole
  2. Point- a particular spot or location
  3. Power- the ability to do something or act in a particular way
  4. Pouch- a small bag or pocket
  5. Poppy- a flowering plant with often red petals
  6. Poker- a card game or a metal rod for stirring fire
  7. Poise- graceful and elegant bearing
  8. Polar- relating to the poles of a magnet
  9. Porch- a covered shelter projecting in front of a building’s entrance
  10. Posey- a small flower bouquet
  11. Poser- someone who pretends to be something they are not
  12. Poster- a large printed picture or notice
  13. Potty- a small toilet bowl for young children
  14. Pound- unit of weight or to strike heavily
  15. Ponce- a slang term for a man who is excessively concerned with his appearance
  16. Poach- to cook in simmering liquid or to illegally hunt
  17. Poker- a person who pokes
  18. Ponto- part of a pontoon
  19. Poilu- a French infantry soldier during World War I
  20. Posho- slang for food in some African contexts
  21. Polka- a lively dance of Bohemian origin
  22. Pongo- a large ape, such as an orangutan
  23. Pods- a covering of a seed or beans
  24. Polyp- a type of small sea creature
  25. Ponty- sharp or pointed
  26. Porus- prefix relating to passages or pores in the body
  27. Potch- to poke or jab
  28. Pound- a unit of currency in some countries
  29. Poler- someone who propels a boat with a pole
  30. Pommy- slang for a British person
  31. Posed- arranged in a certain position
  32. Pores- tiny openings on a surface
  33. Poles- long slender objects or people from Poland
  34. Pops- father or a quick short explosive sound
  35. Poler- stakeholder in certain contexts
  36. Pomes- fleshy fruits typically with seeds
  37. Popes- leaders of the Roman Catholic Church
  38. Porks- refers to various cuts of pig meat
  39. Poles- objects used for support or leverage
  40. Pokes- acts of thrusting or jabbing
  41. Polka- a dance or the music for it
  42. Polje- a type of large flat plain in karst landscapes
  43. Polio- a viral disease affecting nerves
  44. Porgy- a type of fish
  45. Poise- balance or composure
  46. Poilu- informal term for a French infantryman
  47. Pocas- few or little in Spanish
  48. Poked- jabbed or thrust
  49. Pocks- pitted marks or scars
  50. Polio- short for poliomyelitis disease
  51. Pops- quick short explosive sounds
  52. Poles- people from Poland or supports
  53. Poxed- infected with pox diseases
  54. Poilu- French infantry soldier in WWI
  55. Polka- lively dance with bohemian origin
  56. Porch- covered shelter at building’s entrance
  57. Poser- pretender or someone posing
  58. Porch- exterior projection from building
  59. Poked- jabbed or prodded
  60. Poopt- slang for tired or exhausted
  61. Poilu- French foot soldier in WWI
  62. Poly- short for university or polymer
  63. Ponzu- citrus-based sauce in Japanese cuisine
  64. Posed- placed in position for effect
  65. Posse- group with shared purpose
  66. Poems- literary works with rhythm or rhyme
  67. Potty- small child’s toilet fixture
  68. Poles- long supporting rods or people from Poland
  69. Ports- cities with harbors for docking
  70. Potty- child’s training toilet
  71. Podex- a term for the buttocks
  72. Poppy- flowering plant with colorful petals
  73. Poesy- poetry or a small bouquet
  74. Point- specific location or idea
  75. Poilu- informal term for WWI French soldier
  76. Poled- moved using a pole
  77. Pogue- modern slang for rear-echelon personnel
  78. Pons- part of the brainstem
  79. Pongy- having a bad smell
  80. Poles- geographical points or support rods
  81. Pokes- jabs or prods in a rhythmic manner
  82. Poled- propelled with a pole
  83. Podge- a short and stout person or object
  84. Poles- enduring structures or reference to Polish people
  85. Pores- skin surface openings
  86. Poilu- slang term for a French WWI soldier
  87. Possy- slang for position or location
  88. Poach- to hunt or cook in liquid unlawfully
  89. Pouch- small fabric container
  90. Polje- landform in karst terrain
  91. Poned- defeated decisively in slang
  92. Poxed- afflicted with pox
  93. Poncy- overly delicate or fussy
  94. Pomos- short for Postmodernists
  95. Pokes- prods
  96. Poppa- affectionate term for grandfather
  97. Pokey- another word for jail
  98. Poses- postures or attitudes
  99. Posed- arranged deliberately
  100. Poach- to cook gently

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