Five Letter Words That Start With So: Top Examples

If you’re looking for five-letter words that start with “so,” you’ll find a comprehensive list right here.

  1. Solid- Firm and stable in shape.
  2. Solar- Relating to or determined by the sun.
  3. Sonic- Relating to sound or the speed of sound.
  4. Sofa- A comfortable seat for multiple people.
  5. Sober- Not affected by alcohol; serious.
  6. Solve- Find an answer to a problem.
  7. Sonar- A system for detecting underwater objects.
  8. Soggy- Wet and soft.
  9. Sonic- Relating to sound waves.
  10. Sorgh- Short for sorghum, a grain plant.
  11. Sower- One who plants seeds.
  12. Sound- A vibration that can be heard.
  13. Soppy- Excessively sentimental; soggy.
  14. South- The direction opposite to north.
  15. Sooty- Covered with or resembling soot.
  16. Sorry- Feeling regret or penitence.
  17. Soave- A dry white wine from Italy.
  18. Sotol- A type of distilled spirit.
  19. Sorte- An island in the Orinoco river.
  20. Sophi- Relating to wisdom or philosophy.

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