Funny Words That Start with A

If you’re looking for a chuckle, this article will give you a list of funny words that start with the letter “A.

  1. Absquatulate – To leave abruptly.
  2. Abibliophobia – Fear of running out of reading material.
  3. Agog – Very eager or curious.
  4. Absurd – Wildly unreasonable or illogical.
  5. Antidisestablishmentarianism – Opposition to the disestablishment of a state church.
  6. Ahoj – An exclamation used to attract attention, typically used in boating.
  7. Acclimatize – To become accustomed to a new climate or environment.
  8. Anguilliform – Shaped like an eel.
  9. Amphigory – A meaningless or nonsensical piece of writing.
  10. Antimacassar – A piece of cloth placed over the back of a chair to protect it from grease and dirt.
  11. Agastopia – Admiration of a particular part of someone’s body.
  12. Abaft – Toward the rear of a ship.
  13. Abstemious – Not self- indulgent, especially when eating and drinking.
  14. Agglomeration – A mass or collection of things.
  15. Abecedarian – Arranged alphabetically; also means novice or beginner.
  16. Antsy – Impatient or restless.
  17. Apoplectic – Overcome with anger; extremely indignant.
  18. Apple- knocker – An unsophisticated person; a rustic.
  19. Anfractuous – Full of twists and turns.
  20. Argle- bargle – Copious but meaningless talk or writing.
  21. Amphibology – A phrase or sentence that is grammatically ambiguous.
  22. Agelast – A person who never laughs.
  23. Abomasum – The fourth stomach of a ruminant.
  24. Avoirdupois – A system of weights based on a pound of 16 ounces.
  25. Aleatory – Dependent on the throw of a dice; random.
  26. Antiquarianism – The study or collecting of antiquities.
  27. Apotheosis – The highest point in the development of something.
  28. Atrabilious – Melancholic or ill- tempered.
  29. Antimacassar – A piece of cloth put over furniture to protect it from grease.
  30. Awry – Away from the usual or expected course.
  31. Abulia – The inability to make decisions.
  32. Anther – The part of a stamen that contains the pollen.
  33. Apopolectic – Speaking in a pompous or bombastic manner.
  34. Abstruse – Difficult to understand; obscure.
  35. Amenable – Open and responsive to suggestion.
  36. Aggress – To attack or confront forcefully.
  37. Amaranthine – Eternally beautiful and unfading.
  38. Ameliorate – To make something better.
  39. Asinine – Extremely foolish or stupid.
  40. Adumbrate – To outline or sketch vaguely.
  41. Abysmal – Extremely bad; appalling.
  42. Ailurophile – A cat lover.
  43. Ambrosial – Extremely pleasing to taste or smell.
  44. Akimbo – With hands on the hips and elbows turned outward.
  45. Amazeballs – Extremely good or impressive.
  46. Armamentarium – The whole range of equipment available for a specific purpose.
  47. Apophasis – The mention of something by denying it will be mentioned.
  48. Afflatus – A divine creative impulse or inspiration.
  49. Automagically – In a way that is automatically done in an apparently magical manner.
  50. Abulia – The inability to make decisions.

(Repeated number 50 has been removed)

  1. Appoggiatura – A musical note that is played before the main note.
  2. Argonaut – A person who is engaged in a dangerous but rewarding quest.
  3. Arcuate – Shaped like a bow.
  4. Aspergillum – A brush or instrument for sprinkling holy water.
  5. Aggrandize – Increase the power, status, or wealth of.
  6. Anglophile – A person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain.
  7. Apostasy – The abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief.
  8. Aposematic – Warning coloration in animals.
  9. Attrition – The process of gradually reducing the strength of someone or something.
  10. Ablation – The surgical removal of body tissue.
  11. Adenology – The study of glands.
  12. Acinus – A small sac- like cavity in a gland, surrounded by secretory cells.
  13. Antipodes – The direct opposite of something.
  14. Aitchbone – The rump bone, used especially for beef cuts.
  15. Agog – Filled with excitement or eagerness.
  16. Autotomy – The casting off of a part of the body by an animal under threat.
  17. Aggrandize – To increase in power, influence, and reputation.
  18. Ailuromania – Obsession with cats.
  19. Amphisbaena – A mythical serpent with a head at each end.
  20. Ailuromancy – Divination using cats’ movements or behavior.
  21. Alarums – A variant of “alarm,” often used in a historical context.
  22. Ataraxia – A state of serene calmness.
  23. Allocentric – Centered around others rather than oneself.
  24. Acidulous – Slightly sour in taste or manner.
  25. Acoustics – The properties or qualities of a room or building that determine how sound is transmitted.
  26. Allegory – A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.
  27. Ambulate – To walk or move about.
  28. Anabasis – A military advance into enemy territory.
  29. Aplomb – Complete and confident composure or self- assurance.
  30. Avuncular – Relating to an uncle; kind and friendly.
  31. Arborescent – Resembling a tree in growth or appearance.
  32. Amicable – Characterized by friendliness and absence of discord.
  33. Anthropophagy – The eating of human flesh by humans.
  34. Anemophobia – Fear of wind.
  35. Antipathy – A deep- seated feeling of aversion.
  36. Antihero – A central character who lacks conventional heroic attributes.
  37. Antonym – A word opposite in meaning to another.
  38. Anuretic – Unable to pass urine.
  39. Artillery – Large- caliber guns used in warfare on land.
  40. Audibleness – Quality of being heard.
  41. Authentic – Genuine; true.
  42. Aureate – Golden or gilded; brilliant or splendid.
  43. Autosexual – A person sexually attracted to themselves.
  44. Aviation – The flying or operating of aircraft.
  45. Axiomatic – Self- evident or unquestionable.
  46. Azure – Bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky.
  47. Abear – To endure or tolerate.
  48. Abstruse – Obscure; difficult to understand.
  49. Accede – Agree to a demand, request, or treaty.
  50. Accolade – An award or privilege granted as a special honor.

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