Funny Words That Start With D: Hilarious Vocabulary List

Get ready to chuckle as you discover a list of amusing words that start with the letter “D”!

  1. Doodle: A simple or absentminded sketch.
  2. Dingbat: A silly or foolish person.
  3. Dork: Socially awkward or unfashionable person.
  4. Doodlebug: A small or immature ant lion.
  5. Doozy: Something outstanding or unique.
  6. Dribble: Tiny stream or droplet flow.
  7. Dipstick: A tool for measuring, or a silly person.
  8. Diddly: Nothing or of no value.
  9. Diddlysquat: The least amount; nothing.
  10. Dangle: To hang loosely.
  11. Dodo: An extinct bird or a stupid person.
  12. Donnybrook: A brawl or free-for-all.
  13. Dillydally: To waste time by procrastinating.
  14. Dumbfounded: Astonished or greatly surprised.
  15. Dingleberry: Residue on fur, used humorously.
  16. Dither: Indecisive behavior.
  17. Drizzle: Light rain.
  18. Doodlepad: Notepad for doodles.
  19. Ding- a-ling: Eccentric person.
  20. Dweeb: A boring, insignificant person.
  21. Drongo: A stupid or incompetent person.
  22. Daffy: Silly or mildly crazy.
  23. Dust bunny: Clump of dust.
  24. Dinky: Small and insignificant.
  25. Dangleberry: Humorous term for small fruit.
  26. Dope: A drug, or a foolish person.
  27. Doodad: A small gadget or decorative object.
  28. Dropkick: A kick, or an insult implying worthlessness.
  29. Doofus: A foolish or inept person.
  30. Dumpy: Short and stout.
  31. Dingus: A gadget or doodad.
  32. Diggle: To chuckle or giggle.
  33. Doggone: Mild expletive for emphasis.
  34. Dirigible: Another term for an airship.
  35. Dilbert: A blundering or inept person.
  36. Doggerel: Crude or irregular verse.
  37. Ditherer: Someone who hesitates.
  38. Dukes (slang): Hands or fists.
  39. Drumble: Murmuring or dull sound.
  40. Draggle: To soil by dragging.
  41. Dizzy: Lightheaded or giddy.
  42. Delirious: Extreme excitement or confusion.
  43. Disturb: To interrupt or upset.
  44. Drizzle: Light, gentle rain.
  45. Dinky: Small and often cute.
  46. Droll: Amusing in an odd way.
  47. Dappy: Silly, uninformed person.
  48. Ducky: Excellent or delightful.
  49. Dovetail: To fit together perfectly.
  50. Drafty: Cold and breezy.
  51. Duvet: A soft quilt cover.
  52. Dingbat: Silly person or typographic symbol.
  53. Dabble: Task given partial effort.
  54. Dumpling: Small drop of dough, or a cute person.
  55. DoHickey: Another term for a gadget.
  56. Dribble: Tiny flow of liquid.
  57. Dollop: A lump or spoonful.
  58. Dormouse: Small European rodent.
  59. Duckie: Affectionate term for darling.
  60. Dunk: To dip into liquid.
  61. Donut: Deep-fried sweet dough.
  62. Drat: Mild exclamation of frustration.
  63. Drudge: Laborious or tiresome worker.
  64. Drippy: Emotional, foolish sentiment.
  65. Distend: To expand by stretching.
  66. Debacle: A chaotic failure.
  67. Dumptie: Short rotund person.
  68. Discombobulate: Disorient or confuse.
  69. Dumpty: Plump person, often used affectionately.
  70. Dungeons: Underground jails or chambers.
  71. Dinkle: Small or insignificant amount.
  72. Drafty: Airy due to gaps.
  73. Duffel: A cylindrical travel bag.
  74. Dwindle: Reduce gradually.
  75. Deploy: Organize for use.
  76. Divulge: To reveal information.
  77. Drippy: Excessively sentimental.
  78. Dabble: Engage in to a slight extent.
  79. Dungeon: Dark, underground prison.
  80. Deft: Skillful and quick.
  81. Dulcet: Sweet-sounding.

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