Funny Words That Start with L

In this article, you will discover a collection of funny words that start with the letter “L” to brighten your vocabulary.

  1. Lollygag – To spend time aimlessly or without purpose.
  2. Lickety- split – At great speed; very quickly.
  3. Lullaby – A soothing song sung to put a child to sleep.
  4. Lummox – A clumsy or stupid person.
  5. Lobster – A type of shellfish often considered humorous for its awkward appearance.
  6. Lollypop – A hard candy on a stick.
  7. Lopsided – Having one side lower or smaller than the other.
  8. Lollygagger – Someone who dawdles or lingers aimlessly.
  9. Lolly – An informal term for a sweet or candy.
  10. Lollygagging – The act of wasting time or dawdling.
  11. Loony – Mentally unstable or crazy; extremely foolish.
  12. Loon – A large bird known for its wailing call; also an eccentric person.
  13. Lingo – Specialized language or jargon.
  14. Limburger – A type of pungent cheese.
  15. Leery – Cautious or wary due to suspicion.
  16. Luddite – Someone opposed to new technology.
  17. Lump – A small, compact mass.
  18. Lops – The branches or small limbs cut from a tree.
  19. Lippy – Impudent or disrespectful in speech.
  20. Lorgnette – A pair of glasses held in front of the eyes with a handle.
  21. Loo – British slang for the toilet.
  22. Lark – An adventurous or mischievous act.
  23. Lug – To carry or drag something heavy.
  24. Labyrinth – A maze or complex network of paths.
  25. Lachrymose – Tearful or sad.
  26. Leviticus – A book of the Bible, often referred to humorously in non- serious contexts.
  27. Loot – Goods typically stolen or taken by force.
  28. Lackadaisical – Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.
  29. Lush – Luxuriant or opulent; also slang for a heavy drinker.
  30. Lingo – The vocabulary or jargon of a particular group.
  31. Lunation – The period between successive new moons.
  32. Litany – A repetitive recital or list.
  33. Lexicon – The vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.
  34. Limber – Capable of being bent; flexible.
  35. Limey – A British person, especially a sailor.
  36. Lingo – A characteristic language or speech of a particular group.
  37. Lollygag – Spend time aimlessly; dawdle.
  38. Lapel – The part of a coat or jacket that is folded back on the chest.
  39. Lamebrain – A foolish or unintelligent person.
  40. Lieu – In place of.
  41. Lip – The edge of an object, especially the mouth.
  42. Lint – Small fibers or bits of fluff.
  43. Lops – Branches or twigs pruned from a tree.
  44. Loo – A British term for a toilet.
  45. Lolly – A short form of lollypop.
  46. Lout – An uncouth or aggressive person.
  47. Louse – A small parasitic insect; often used to describe a contemptible person.
  48. Lend – To give temporarily.
  49. Largess – Generosity in bestowing gifts on others.
  50. Leer – A suggestive or sly look.
  51. Livid – Furiously angry.
  52. Lithe – Thin, supple, and graceful.
  53. Lurch – A sudden jerk or swaying motion.
  54. Lanky – Ungracefully thin and tall.
  55. Ludicrous – So foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing.
  56. Lollop – To move clumsily or heavily.
  57. Languid – Slow and relaxed.
  58. Lackey – A servant or someone overly willing to obey another.
  59. Leaven – A substance, typically yeast, that causes dough to rise.
  60. Limbo – An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution.
  61. Lubberly – Clumsy or unskilled.
  62. Licketysplit – Done quickly.
  63. Longshot – Something that has a slim chance of happening.
  64. Loom – To appear as a shadowy form, especially one that is large or threatening.
  65. Lucrative – Producing a great deal of profit.
  66. Lisp – A speech defect in which “s” sounds are pronounced as “th”.
  67. Lymph – A clear fluid that travels through the lymphatic system.
  68. Lampoon – Publicly criticize using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm.
  69. Lanky – Ungracefully tall and thin.
  70. Lowbrow – Not highly intellectual or cultured.
  71. Lgordian – Pertaining to the mythology of Gordy, often used humorously or inaccurately.
  72. Limn – Depict or describe in painting or words.
  73. Logophobe – One who has a fear of words.
  74. Limpid – Completely clear and transparent.
  75. Lummox – A large, clumsy, and stupid person.
  76. Lubricious – Offensively displaying or intended to arouse sexual desire.
  77. Lanky – Ungracefully tall and thin.
  78. Lob – To throw or hit a ball in a high arc.
  79. Lacewing – A delicate, usually green, insect with large transparent wings.
  80. Ling – A type of fish.

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