Funny Words That Start With S

In this article, you’ll find a collection of funny words that start with the letter ‘S’ to add some humor to your day.

  1. Sassy: Lively and full of spirit; cheeky.
  2. Silly: Lacking in seriousness or common sense.
  3. Snicker: A half-suppressed laugh.
  4. Snazzy: Stylish and attractive.
  5. Squabble: A noisy argument about something petty.
  6. Scamper: Run with quick light steps, especially in fear or excitement.
  7. Skedaddle: Run away hurriedly.
  8. Snafu: A confused or chaotic state.
  9. Scallywag: A person who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way.
  10. Smarmy: Excessively flattering or insincerely earnest.
  11. Snuggle: Settle or move into a warm, comfortable position.
  12. Snazzy: Stylishly and often ostentatiously attractive.
  13. Scrumdiddlyumptious: Extremely tasty; delicious.
  14. Shenanigans: Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering.
  15. Squeamish: Easily made to feel sick, faint, or disgusted.
  16. Stumblebum: A clumsy or incompetent person.
  17. Shambles: A state of total disorder.
  18. Schmaltzy: Excessively sentimental.
  19. Shindig: A large, lively party or celebration.
  20. Skulduggery: Underhanded or unscrupulous behavior.
  21. Spiffy: Smart in appearance.
  22. Snicker: Give a smothered or half-suppressed laugh.
  23. Scuttlebutt: Rumors or gossip.
  24. Snollygoster: A shrewd, unprincipled person.
  25. Smooch: Kiss and cuddle amorously.
  26. Slapstick: A type of physical comedy characterized by broad humor.
  27. Shmuck: An obnoxious or contemptible person.
  28. Snazzer: Someone or something that is very flashy or stylish.
  29. Squiffy: Slightly drunk.
  30. Sassafras: A distinctively flavored root used in cooking and perfumery.
  31. Snappy: Quick, clever, or energetic in action or expression.
  32. Snuggle: To lie closely and comfortably; cuddle.
  33. Snub: To ignore or pay no attention to.
  34. Squiggly: Wiggly and twisting in shape or movement.
  35. Slinky: Graceful and sinuous in movement, line, or figure.
  36. Swashbuckler: A boastful, daredevil adventurer.
  37. Squeaky: Making a high-pitched sound.
  38. Slosh: To splash or move with a splashing sound.
  39. Snip: To cut something with small, quick strokes.
  40. Sip: To drink something in small mouthfuls.
  41. Snit: A fit of irritation.
  42. Shiver: To shake because of cold or fear.
  43. Scamper: To run or go hastily or lightly.
  44. Spook: To frighten or startle.
  45. Shimmy: To shake or vibrate.
  46. Skimpy: Inadequate or small in size or amount.
  47. Sulk: To be silent and ill-tempered.
  48. Sizzle: A hissing sound, as of food frying.
  49. Spry: Nimble or brisk.
  50. Stumpy: Short and thick.
  51. Stumble: To trip or walk unsteadily.
  52. Stringy: Long, thin, and lumpy.
  53. Squirt: To eject liquid in a thin, quick stream.
  54. Stretchy: Capable of being stretched; elastic.
  55. Snappy: Energetic and quick-witted.
  56. Shady: Of dubious character or honesty.
  57. Shabby: In poor condition through long or hard use.
  58. Skittish: Excitable or easily scared.
  59. Sassy: Full of spirit or lively.
  60. Snuggle: To lie closely and comfortably.
  61. Scrunch: To crunch or crumple.
  62. Squash: To crush or squeeze something.
  63. Snazzy: Stylish and attractive.
  64. Sozzled: Drunk or intoxicated.
  65. Sludge: Thick, soft, wet mud.
  66. Squawk: A loud, harsh noise.
  67. Spritz: To spray a liquid in small amounts.
  68. Sizzle: To make a hissing sound.
  69. Skedaddle: To run away quickly.
  70. Smirk: To smile in a smug or condescending way.
  71. Snippet: A small piece or fragment.
  72. Slingshot: A forked stick with an elastic band used for shooting small stones.
  73. Schwack: Striking someone or something with a sharp sound.
  74. Shimmy: To shake or wiggle.
  75. Shtick: A characteristic gimmick or routine.
  76. Snaffle: To take something for oneself, typically quickly or without permission.
  77. Snarf: To eat quickly and voraciously.
  78. Spatula: A broad, flat tool used for flipping or spreading.
  79. Scrappy: Determined and tenacious.
  80. Squiffy: Slightly intoxicated.
  81. Squashbuckler: A daring, adventurous person.
  82. Syzygy: An alignment of celestial bodies.
  83. Squeegee: A tool for cleaning windows.
  84. Splutter: To make a series of short explosive spitting or choking sounds.
  85. Sashay: To walk confidently and easily, often as if to show off.
  86. Squirm: To wriggle or twist in discomfort.
  87. Sprink: To sprinkle lightly.
  88. Snuzzle: To nuzzle affectionately.
  89. Spiffy: Looking smart and fashionable.
  90. Squee: An expression of great delight or excitement.
  91. Snaggletooth: A tooth that is out of alignment, especially an irregular or projecting one.
  92. Skeedaddle: To leave quickly or hastily.
  93. Slobber: To let saliva dribble from the mouth.
  94. Smidgen: A small amount.
  95. Snag: To catch or tear something.
  96. Slather: To spread or smear (a substance) thickly.
  97. Snooze: A short, light sleep.
  98. Splish: A gentle splashing sound.
  99. Swank: Displaying one’s wealth, knowledge, or achievements in a way that is intended to impress others.
  100. Squiggle: A short line that curls and loops in an irregular way.

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