h words for Kids: Top 20 Words Starting with H

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words starting with the letter “H” to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Habit- A regular practice or routine.
  2. Habitat- The natural home of an organism.
  3. Hail- Pellets of frozen rain.
  4. Halcyon- Calm and peaceful.
  5. Hallucination- A deceptive perception of something not present.
  6. Handkerchief- A piece of cloth used for wiping the face or hands.
  7. Harbinger- A forerunner or precursor.
  8. Harmony- A pleasing combination of elements.
  9. Harness- Protective gear for animals or people.
  10. Haven- A place of safety.
  11. Hazard- A danger or risk.
  12. Heal- To become healthy again.
  13. Hearth- The floor of a fireplace.
  14. Heir- A person legally entitled to an inheritance.
  15. Heritage- Property or traditions passed down.
  16. Hermit- A person living in solitude.
  17. Hibernate- To sleep through winter.
  18. Hierarchy- A system of ranking.
  19. High- rise – A tall building.
  20. Hill- A natural elevation of the earth.
  21. Hinder- To cause delay or obstruction.
  22. Hindsight- Understanding of an event after it has happened.
  23. Hoax- A deceptive act.
  24. Hoist- To raise or lift.
  25. Homage- Special honor or respect.
  26. Homogeneous- Uniform in composition.
  27. Hone- To sharpen or perfect.
  28. Honor- High respect or esteem.
  29. Horde- A large group.
  30. Horizon- The line where the earth meets the sky.
  31. Hormone- A regulatory substance produced in organisms.
  32. Hospice- A care facility for the terminally ill.
  33. Hostile- Aggressive or unfriendly.
  34. Hub- A center of activity.
  35. Hue- A color or shade.
  36. Hull- The main body of a ship.
  37. Humble- Having a low opinion of oneself.
  38. Humid- Having high moisture content.
  39. Hurdle- An obstacle or difficulty.
  40. Husk- The outer shell of something.
  41. Hybrid- A mix of different elements.
  42. Hygiene- Practices conducive to health.
  43. Hymn- A religious song or poem.
  44. Hype- Extravagant or intensive publicity.
  45. Hypnosis- A trance-like state.
  46. Hypothesis- An educated guess in science.
  47. Hypocrite- Someone who claims beliefs but acts differently.
  48. Habeas corpus – Legal term for requiring a person to be brought before a judge.
  49. Hackneyed- Overused and clichéd.
  50. Hagiography- A biography of a saint.
  51. Halation- The spreading of light.
  52. Hallux- The big toe.
  53. Harangue- A lengthy and aggressive speech.
  54. Haul- To pull or drag forcibly.
  55. Headstrong- Self-willed and obstinate.
  56. Hegemony- Dominance of one group over others.
  57. Heirloom- A valuable object passed down generations.
  58. Helix- A spiral shape.
  59. Hemorrhage- Excessive bleeding.
  60. Herbivore- An animal that eats plants.
  61. Hert- Unit of frequency.
  62. Hesitate- To pause before acting.
  63. Hexagon- A six-sided shape.
  64. Hibernate- To sleep through winter.
  65. Hickory- A type of tree.
  66. Hilarity- Extreme amusement.
  67. Hoard- To amass and hide away.
  68. Homily- A sermon or lecture.
  69. Honeysuckle- A fragrant climbing plant.
  70. Hoodwink- To deceive or trick.
  71. Hoopla- Excitement or fuss.
  72. Hospitable- Friendly and welcoming to guests.
  73. Hover- To remain in one place in the air.
  74. Humane- Compassionate and kind.
  75. Humdrum- Lacking excitement or variety.
  76. Wizardry- Skill in magic or enchantment.
  77. Hue- A color or shade.
  78. Hullabaloo- A commotion.
  79. Husky- Strong and sturdy.
  80. Hydraulic- Operated by fluid pressure.
  81. Hydroplane- A light, fast boat.
  82. Hyperbole- Exaggerated statements.
  83. Hyphen- A punctuation mark (-).
  84. Hypoglycemia- Low blood sugar.
  85. Habitual- Done constantly as a habit.
  86. Habitat- Natural home or environment.
  87. Haddock- A type of fish.
  88. Handcuff- Restraint for wrists.
  89. Handsome- Good-looking.
  90. Haphazard- Lacking organization.
  91. Harrow- An agricultural tool.
  92. Harmonious- Tuneful and pleasant.
  93. Headache- Pain in the head.
  94. Healthful- Beneficial to health.
  95. Heartfelt- Sincere and deeply felt.
  96. Hedge- A fence formed by bushes.
  97. Heap- An untidy collection.
  98. Heave- Lift or haul with effort.
  99. Hefty- Large and heavy.
  100. Heyday- Period of greatest success.

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