J Words: List of Common Words Starting with J

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with the letter “J.

  1. Jab- To poke or thrust abruptly.
  2. Jack- A device for lifting heavy objects.
  3. Jacket- An outer garment extending to the waist.
  4. Jade- A hard green gemstone.
  5. Jagged- Having sharp, uneven edges.
  6. Jail- A place for the confinement of people accused or convicted of a crime.
  7. Jam- A preserve made from fruit and sugar.
  8. Jangle- To make a discordant noise.
  9. January- The first month of the year.
  10. Jar- A wide-mouthed container.
  11. Jasmine- A fragrant flower.
  12. Jaw- The lower part of the face.
  13. Jaywalk- To cross the street unlawfully or unsafely.
  14. Jazz- A music genre with strong rhythms and improvisation.
  15. Jealous- Feeling envy.
  16. Jeer- To make mocking remarks.
  17. Jelly- A soft, semi-solid food.
  18. Jeopardy- Danger of loss, harm, or failure.
  19. Jest- A joke or witty remark.
  20. Jester- A professional joker or clown.
  21. Jet- A rapid stream of liquid or gas.
  22. Jettison- To discard or throw away.
  23. Jeweler- A person who sells and repairs jewelry.
  24. Jig- A lively dance or tool used for guiding a saw.
  25. Jigsaw- A type of puzzle or a tool for cutting shapes.
  26. Jingle- A short, catchy tune.
  27. Jinx- A person or thing that brings bad luck.
  28. Jitter- Feelings of nervousness or unease.
  29. Job- A paid position of regular employment.
  30. Jockey- A person who rides in horse races.
  31. Jocund- Cheerful or light-hearted.
  32. Joggle- To shake lightly.
  33. Join- To connect or fasten together.
  34. Joint- A place where two things are connected.
  35. Joke- Something said for humor.
  36. Jolly- Happy and cheerful.
  37. Journal- A daily record of news or events.
  38. Journey- Travel from one place to another.
  39. Joust- To compete in a medieval sport with lances.
  40. Jovial- Cheerful and friendly.
  41. Joy- A feeling of great happiness.
  42. Jubilant- Expressing great joy.
  43. Jubilee- A special anniversary.
  44. Judge- A person who presides over court proceedings.
  45. Juggle- To continuously toss multiple objects in the air.
  46. Juice- Liquid extracted from fruits or vegetables.
  47. Juicy- Full of juice; succulent.
  48. July- The seventh month of the year.
  49. Jumble- A messy or confused mixture.
  50. Jump- To spring off the ground.
  51. Junction- A point where two or more things are joined.
  52. Jungle- A dense forest in a tropical climate.
  53. Junior- Younger or lower in rank.
  54. Junk- Old or discarded articles.
  55. Junto- A political group or faction.
  56. Jury- A group of people sworn to give a verdict in a legal case.
  57. Just- Based on or behaving according to what is morally right.
  58. Justice- Just behavior or treatment.
  59. Juxtapositional- Placed side by side.
  60. Jaunty- Having a lively and self-confident manner.
  61. Jejune- Naive, simplistic, and superficial.
  62. Jubilate- To show or feel great joy.
  63. Judicious- Having, showing, or done with good judgment.
  64. Juggernaut- A huge, powerful, and overwhelming force.
  65. Jumble- An untidy collection or pile of things.
  66. Jamboree- A large celebration or party.
  67. Jaundice- A medical condition with yellowing of the skin.
  68. Jeans- Casual pants made of denim.
  69. Jawline- The contour of the lower jaw.
  70. Jargon- Special words or expressions used by a profession or group.
  71. Javelin- A light spear thrown in a competitive sport.
  72. Jazzy- Bright, colorful, and showy.
  73. Juxtapose- To place side by side for contrast.
  74. Juvenile- Pertaining to young or immature individuals.
  75. Jaded- Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm.
  76. Junctional- Pertaining to a junction.
  77. Jittery- Nervous or unable to relax.
  78. Jollity- Lively and cheerful activity or celebration.
  79. Jural- Relating to law or legal rights.
  80. Jostle- To push, elbow, or bump against someone roughly.
  81. Jukebox- A machine that plays selected music tracks.
  82. Jumpstart- To start quickly or stimulate.
  83. Junket- A trip or celebration funded by someone else.
  84. Justify- To show or prove to be right or reasonable.
  85. Justice- The quality of being fair and reasonable.
  86. Jugular- Relating to the throat or neck.
  87. Juvenescence- The state of being youthful or growing young.
  88. Joyous- Full of happiness and joy.
  89. Jurisdiction- The official power to make legal decisions.
  90. Jury- rigged – Makeshift; thrown together in a makeshift manner.
  91. Jug- A large container for liquids, typically with a handle and spout.
  92. Juking- Playing or dancing to lively music.
  93. Jubilance- The state of feeling or expressing great joy.
  94. Juxtaposition- The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
  95. Jigger- A small measure for liquor, usually containing 1.5 ounces.
  96. Junkyard- A place where discarded materials are kept.
  97. Jilt- To suddenly reject or abandon a lover.
  98. Janitor- A person employed as a caretaker of a building.
  99. Jerky- Characterized by abrupt stops and starts.
  100. Jingling- Making or causing a light, ringing sound.

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