Ji Words: Common Examples and Meanings

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that contain the letters “ji.

  1. Jigsaw- A puzzle in which pieces are cut into various shapes to be fitted together.
  2. Jitter- Nervous or unable to relax.
  3. Jive- A lively style of dance.
  4. Jiffy- A very short period of time.
  5. Jin- A common romanization for a variety of East Asian surnames.
  6. Jinx- A person or thing that brings bad luck.
  7. Jingle- A catchy phrase or tune, often used in advertising.
  8. Jitney- A small bus or vehicle carrying passengers for a low fare.
  9. Jitterbug- A fast dance popular in the 1940s.
  10. Jilt- To abandon or reject someone, typically in a romantic relationship.
  11. Jigger- A measure used in bartending.
  12. Jiggle- To move or cause to move with quick, short movements.
  13. Jihad- A struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam.
  14. Jinnee- Another term for a genie.
  15. Jig- A lively dance, often associated with Irish music.
  16. Jiminy- An exclamation used to express surprise or excitement.
  17. Jingoism- Extreme patriotism, often favoring aggression.
  18. Jink- To make a quick, sudden turn.
  19. Jimmy- To force open a door or window.
  20. Jinrikisha- A light, two-wheeled vehicle drawn by one or more people, used mainly in Asia.
  21. Jivy- Lively, energetic.
  22. Jib- A triangular sail on a boat.
  23. Jingo- A supporter of aggressive nationalism.
  24. Jittery- Being in a nervous or agitated state.
  25. Jingoistic- Characterized by extreme patriotism.
  26. Jiggered- Slang for being very tired or worn out.
  27. Jingos- Another term for extreme patriots.
  28. Jills- Female goats.
  29. Jello- A brand of gelatin dessert.
  30. Jillion- An indefinitely large number.
  31. Jinkers- Slang for pants or trousers.
  32. Jibbing- Refusing to proceed further.
  33. Jigging- The act of dancing a jig.
  34. Jist- The essential point or meaning.
  35. Jiva- In Hinduism and Jainism, the individual soul.
  36. Jiffy Pop- A brand of popcorn that is cooked on the stovetop.
  37. Jimmies- Sprinkles used as a topping on ice cream.
  38. Jinrickshaw- Alternative spelling for jinrikisha.
  39. Jiblet- A variant spelling for giblet, meaning the edible internal parts of a bird.
  40. Jinks- Playful antics or high spirits.
  41. Jigaboo- An offensive term for a black person.
  42. Jiggly- Tending to jiggle; wobbly.
  43. Jillionaire- A person with a huge, unquantifiable amount of wealth.
  44. Jingoism- Nationalistic, aggressive patriotism.
  45. Jibba- jabba – Nonsensical speech or chatter.
  46. Jitterbugging- Dancing the jitterbug.
  47. Jigget- To move with jerky or jiggly movements.
  48. Jig- sawing – The action of cutting with a jigsaw.
  49. Jitterbugs- Energetic dancers.
  50. Jiggerman- A person who operates a jigging machine.
  51. Jinker- An attachment for changing the direction of a jib on a boat.
  52. Jicama- An edible root vegetable.
  53. Jingoish- Having a chauvinistic patriotism.
  54. Jirble- To spill or trickle slowly.
  55. Jibboom- A spar holding out the jib of a sailing ship.
  56. Jiggered- Chiefly British term for exhausted.
  57. Jilib- A city in Somalia.
  58. Jillaroos- Female jackaroos or young women working on cattle stations in Australia.
  59. Jillflirt- A flirtatious girl or woman.
  60. Jibhead- A term related to the front part of a sail on a boat.
  61. Jigamaree- An object or thing whose name is not known or cannot be recalled.
  62. Jiggumbob- Another term for a thingamajig or something whose name is unknown.
  63. Jeevesian- Pertaining to a conscientious and impeccable servant.
  64. Jiggering- The process of forming pottery using a rotating mold.
  65. Jimcrack- Cheap finery; gewgaw.
  66. Jiffy Cake- A quick-to-make cake, often from a mix.
  67. Jigajog- An irregular, jiggly motion.
  68. Jinrikisha- Another term for jinrikisha.
  69. Jim- dandy – Something very pleasing or excellent.
  70. Jiangxi- A province in China.

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