Long Words That Start With A: An Impressive List

In this article, you will discover a list of impressively long words that start with the letter “A.

  1. Antagonistic- Hostile; opposed.
  2. Abbreviation- A shortened form of a word.
  3. Abstemiously- With moderation or self-restraint.
  4. Aristocratically- Relating to a ruling class.
  5. Anthropological- Study of humans.
  6. Amortization- Gradual write-off of a cost.
  7. Acclimatization- Process of adapting to a new climate.
  8. Appropriateness- Suitability.
  9. Accountability- Responsibility.
  10. Apportionment- Distribution of shares.
  11. Authentication- Confirming the truth of something.
  12. Altruistically- Selflessly concerned for others’ well-being.
  13. Acknowledgeable- Recognizable or acceptable as true.
  14. Articulation- Clear and precise pronunciation.
  15. Authoritarianism- Enforcing strict obedience.
  16. Agglomeration- Collection into a mass.
  17. Anthropocentric- Regarding humans as central.
  18. Accreditations- Certifications or recognitions.
  19. Authoritative- Commanding respect.
  20. Acquaintanceship- Familiarity.
  21. Assimilationist- Advocate of integration.
  22. Ambitiousness- Having a strong desire for success.
  23. Accelerometers- Devices measuring acceleration.
  24. Appreciatively- Showing gratitude.
  25. Abbreviationist- One who uses abbreviations excessively.
  26. Aestheticism- Devotion to beauty.
  27. Associationism – Theory that mental processes operate by the association of ideas.
  28. Acousticophobia- Fear of noise.
  29. Achievement- Successful accomplishment.
  30. Adaptability- Ability to adjust.
  31. Ameliorating- Making better.
  32. Accountabilities – Plural of accountability.
  33. Assurability- Capability of being assured.
  34. Adventurous- Willing to take risks.
  35. Annexationist- Advocate for annexing territories.
  36. Atmospheric- Relating to the atmosphere.
  37. Arbitrational- Relating to arbitration or settlement.
  38. Avuncularly- In an uncle-like manner.
  39. Accommodation- Lodging or adapting.
  40. Anthropophagi- Cannibals.
  41. Adjudications- Judicial decisions or rulings.
  42. Amphitheaters- Outdoor circular theaters.
  43. Accumulatively- Increasingly gathering.
  44. Appreciation- Recognition of value.
  45. Acknowledgments- Recognitions of truth.
  46. Asymptomatic- Showing no symptoms.
  47. Assertiveness- Confidence without aggression.
  48. Adventurously- Willingly taking risks.
  49. Anesthesiology- Study of anesthesia.
  50. Alternate- Available as another choice.
  51. Approximations- Almost accurate estimates.
  52. Artificialities- Artificial qualities.
  53. Abhorrently- In a disgusting manner.
  54. Avocatization- Process of providing legal advice.
  55. Artificialization- Process of making artificial.
  56. Anthropography- Description of humanity.
  57. Anesthetically- In a pain-relieving manner.
  58. Augmentatively- Increasingly adding.
  59. Acceleratedly- In a quick manner.
  60. Acupuncturist- Practitioner of acupuncture.
  61. Archaeological- Relating to archaeology.
  62. Autobiographical- Relating to one’s own life story.
  63. Accommodational- Relating to making accommodations.
  64. Affectability- Capability of being affected.
  65. Allotropically- In different physical forms.
  66. Argumentative- Given to arguing.
  67. Architectural- Relating to architecture.
  68. Assemblage- A gathering.
  69. Antihistamines- Allergy relief drugs.
  70. Authenticated- Verified as true.
  71. Affordable- Reasonably priced.
  72. Antibacterial- Preventing bacteria growth.
  73. Abhorrence- Extreme dislike.
  74. Aggressiveness- Tendency to attack.
  75. Accommodationist- Advocate of compromise.
  76. Allocationally- Relating to allocation.
  77. Ameliorative- Improving.
  78. Accomplishment- Achievement.
  79. Anthropomorphically- Attributing human traits to non-humans.
  80. Administrative- Related to management.
  81. Accountability- Taking responsibility.
  82. Amelioratively- In an improving manner.
  83. Accelerando- Gradually increasing in speed.
  84. Anesthetizations- Processes of administering anesthesia.
  85. Ambidextrously- Using both hands equally well.
  86. Accelerometer- Device measuring acceleration.
  87. Accupunctural- Relating to acupuncture.
  88. Approval- Acceptance.
  89. Associationally- Pertaining to associations.
  90. Algorithmically- According to an algorithm.
  91. Anticlimactic- Disappointingly trivial.
  92. Alarming- Causing fear.
  93. Analogously- Comparatively.
  94. Abortiveness- Unsuccessful; failure.
  95. Antibillboardism- Opposition to billboards.
  96. Achievements- Accomplishments.
  97. Aerodynamics- Study of air motion.
  98. Analyzability- Capability of being analyzed.
  99. Acculturated- Adopted cultural traits.
  100. Angelically- In an angel-like manner.

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