Lu Words: Common Queries and Puzzles Solved

In this article, you will discover a wide variety of words that start with “lu” and their meanings.

  1. Lua- Moon in Portuguese.
  2. Luau- A Hawaiian party or feast.
  3. Lube- Short for lubricant.
  4. Lust- Intense sexual desire.
  5. Luck- Success or failure apparently brought by chance.
  6. Lull- A temporary period of calm.
  7. Lump- A compact mass.
  8. Lush- Luxuriant vegetation.
  9. Lute- A stringed instrument.
  10. Lurk- To lie in wait, ready to ambush.
  11. Lulu- An outstanding example of something.
  12. Lush- A heavy drinker.
  13. Lure- Something that tempts or attract.
  14. Lumen- A measurement of light output.
  15. Lutein- A yellow pigment found in plants.
  16. Lumber- Move clumsily; timber.
  17. Lunacy- Insanity.
  18. Lunar- Related to the moon.
  19. Lunch- A midday meal.
  20. Lurker- Someone who reads discussions but does not reply.
  21. Luscious- Delicious and sweet food.
  22. Lustrum- A period of five years.
  23. Ludic- Playful behavior.
  24. Lung- Respiratory organ.
  25. Lurid- Gruesomely vivid.
  26. Lustral- Related to purification.
  27. Lulu- A standout person or thing.
  28. Lucid- Clear and understandable.
  29. Lusory- Pertaining to play or games.
  30. Lucent- Shining or glowing.
  31. Lustre- Shine or gloss.
  32. Luminary- A source of light; an inspiration.
  33. Lucidity- Clarity of thought.
  34. Lumpen- Displaced individuals of low social status.
  35. Lullaby- A soothing song for sleeping.
  36. Lubricate- To make smooth or slippery.
  37. Luminescent- Glowing without heat.
  38. Lummox- A clumsy, stupid person.
  39. Lustrate- To purify by means of ceremony.
  40. Luminous- Emitting or reflecting light.
  41. Lubra- A term for an Aboriginal woman in Australia.
  42. Lurking- Lingering in a secretive manner.
  43. Lament- To express sorrow or regret.
  44. Lurched- Moved with a sudden jerk.
  45. Lumpish- Clumsy or heavy.
  46. Luxuriate- To take delight in luxury.
  47. Lucerne- A type of alfalfa.
  48. Lutanist- A lute player.
  49. Lupercal- An ancient Roman festival location.
  50. Luxation- Dislocation of a joint.
  51. Lucifugous- Avoiding light.
  52. Lushing- Drinking alcohol excessively.
  53. Luting- Sealing or closing with cement.
  54. Lupanar- A brothel in ancient Rome.
  55. Lubricity- Slipperiness.
  56. Lucerne- A European alfalfa variety.
  57. Lucida- A bright star.
  58. Lunette- An arched window.
  59. Luperci- Priests of the festival of Lupercalia.
  60. Lustring- Fine luster fabric.
  61. Lusterless- Dull, lacking shine.
  62. Lupanarian- Related to a brothel.
  63. Lustrate- To purify through ritual.
  64. Lungwort- A type of flowering plant.
  65. Lustrous- Shiny and bright.
  66. Ludology- The study of games.
  67. Luminaria- Lighted bags used for decoration.
  68. Lushness- Abundance of rich growth.
  69. Luminant- Emitting light.
  70. Lourd- Clumsy or heavy.

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