Math Words That Start With E: Definitions and Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of math words that start with the letter “e.

  1. Equation- A mathematical statement that asserts the equality of two expressions.
  2. Exponent- A number denoting how many times a base is multiplied by itself.
  3. Ellipse- A geometric shape resembling a flattened circle.
  4. Eigenvalue- A special number in linear algebra associated with a matrix.
  5. Eigenvector- A non-zero vector that changes at most by a scalar factor when a linear transformation is applied to it.
  6. Estimation- The process of finding an approximation.
  7. Euclidean- Pertaining to the geometry of flat space.
  8. Exponential- Involving an exponent in the expression.
  9. Equilateral- All sides and angles are equal.
  10. Euler’s Number- The base of the natural logarithm, approximately 2.718.
  11. Extremum- A point where a function takes a maximum or minimum value.
  12. Expectation- The average value of a random variable.
  13. Extrapolation- Extending a graph, curve, or range of values by inferring unknown values.
  14. Equivalence- The condition of being equal in value, function, or meaning.
  15. Error- The difference between the estimated value and the true value.
  16. Empirical- Based on observations or experience rather than theory.
  17. Event- A set of outcomes in a probability space.
  18. Euclidean Algorithm- An efficient method for computing the greatest common divisor.
  19. Exponential Growth- Growth whose rate becomes ever more rapid.
  20. Equiangular- Having all angles equal.
  21. Envelope- A curve or surface that is tangent to a family of curves or surfaces.
  22. Equidistant- Equally distant from a set of points.
  23. Eccentricity- A measure of how much a conic section deviates from being circular.
  24. Element- An individual object within a set.
  25. Equal- Being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.
  26. Empirical Rule- A statistical rule describing the density of data within standard deviations.
  27. Ergodic- Involving the hypothesis that over a long period of time all parts of a system will be accessed equally.
  28. Exclude- To leave out or omit.
  29. Enumeration- The action of mentioning things one by one.
  30. Equiprobable- Having an equal probability of occurring.
  31. Eigen- Related to inherent values and vectors in linear algebra.
  32. Expansion- The process of expressing a function in the form of a sum.
  33. Endpoints- The points at the ends of a line segment or the points of intersection of a function and the axes.

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