Math Words That Start With J: Definitions and Examples

Discover an array of math words that start with the letter J and enhance your mathematical vocabulary with terms you might not know yet.

  1. Jacobian- A determinant of partial derivatives, used in transformation of variables.
  2. Joint Probability- The probability of two events happening at the same time.
  3. Jump Discontinuity- A type of discontinuity in a function where the function makes a sudden leap from one value to another.
  4. Juxtaposition- Placing numbers or expressions side by side, usually to imply multiplication.
  5. Jordan Curve- A non-self-intersecting continuous loop in the plane.
  6. Jordan Block- A type of matrix used in the Jordan canonical form representing linear transformations.
  7. Jordan Canonical Form- A block diagonal matrix form showing the structure of a linear operator.
  8. Jordan Matrix- Another term for Jordan block or the matrix consisting of Jordan blocks.
  9. Join (set theory)- The least upper bound or supremum of a set.
  10. Joukowski Transform- A function used to study fluid flow around objects.
  11. J- Invariant** – A function used in the theory of elliptic functions.
  12. Jet (algebraic geometry)- A formal operation in geometry modeling how properties at a point influence nearby points.

This list encompasses a variety of mathematical concepts starting with the letter “J”, focusing on their meanings in brief formats.

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