Math Words That Start with K: Your Essential List

In this article, you’ll discover a list of math words that start with the letter “K.

  1. Knot- A measure of complexity in a closed loop or lattice.
  2. Kernel- The set of input values that map to zero in a function.
  3. Kinematic- Relating to the motion of points, objects, or systems.
  4. Kilogram- A unit of mass in the metric system.
  5. Kilo- A prefix denoting a factor of one thousand.
  6. Kilohertz- A unit of frequency equal to one thousand cycles per second.
  7. Kilometre- A unit of length equal to one thousand meters.
  8. Kite- A quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of adjacent congruent sides.
  9. Kurtosis- A measure of the “tailedness” of the probability distribution.
  10. Kronecker Delta- A function of two variables which is 1 if they are equal, and 0 otherwise.
  11. Kuznets Curve- A hypothesized relationship between income inequality and economic growth.
  12. Keel- The main structural element of a ship which runs lengthwise along the bottom.
  13. K- Map (Karnaugh Map) – A method for simplifying Boolean algebra expressions.
  14. Kaprekar’s Constant- The number 6174 in a number manipulation process called Kaprekar’s routine.
  15. Kolmogorov Complexity- A measure of the computational resources needed to specify a string.
  16. Kepler’s Laws- Three scientific laws describing the motion of planets around the sun.
  17. Kelly Criterion- A formula for determining the optimal size of a series of bets.
  18. Klein Bottle- A non-orientable surface with no distinct “inside” and “outside.”
  19. K- Nearest Neighbors – A simple machine learning algorithm that uses proximity for classification.

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