Math Words That Start With L: Definitions and Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of math words that start with the letter L to enhance your vocabulary and understanding of mathematical concepts.

  1. Line – A straight one- dimensional figure having no thickness and extending infinitely in both directions.
  2. Linear – Relating to a straight line or lines.
  3. Length – The measurement or extent of something from end to end.
  4. Limit – A value that a function or sequence approaches as the input or index approaches some value.
  5. Logarithm – The exponent by which a base number is raised to produce a given number.
  6. Locus – The set of points that satisfy a given condition or equation.
  7. Lemma – A subsidiary or intermediate theorem in an argument or proof.
  8. Linear Algebra – The branch of mathematics concerning linear equations and their representations.
  9. Least – The smallest amount or number.
  10. Lattice – A regular, repeating arrangement of points in space.
  11. Level – A specific value or position within a defined scale.
  12. Line Segment – A part of a line that is bounded by two distinct end points.
  13. Lambda (λ) – A Greek letter often used to represent eigenvalues in linear algebra.
  14. L’Hopital’s Rule – A method for finding limits of indeterminate forms.
  15. Log- Log Scale – A graphical scale where both the horizontal and vertical axes are logarithmic.
  16. Lower Bound – The smallest value that is allowed or possible.
  17. Linear Function – A function that graphs to a straight line.
  18. Linear Equation – An equation between two variables that gives a straight line when plotted on a graph.
  19. Lateral Area – The surface area of a three- dimensional object, excluding its bases.
  20. Laplace Transform – An integral transform used to solve differential equations.
  21. Lateral Edge – An edge of a polyhedron where two faces meet.
  22. Limit Point – A point where a function or sequence approaches arbitrarily closely.
  23. Logic – The study of reasoning and argumentation.
  24. Leading Coefficient – The coefficient of the highest degree term in a polynomial.
  25. Lebesgue Integral – An integral that extends the concept of the integral to more general functions and domains.

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