Math Words That Start With R: Definitions and Examples

In this article, we share a comprehensive list of math words that start with the letter “R” to enhance your mathematical vocabulary.

  1. Radius- Distance from the center of a circle to any point on its circumference.
  2. Range- Difference between the highest and lowest values in a data set.
  3. Ratio- Relationship between two numbers indicating how many times the first number contains the second.
  4. Rational Numbers- Numbers that can be expressed as a fraction of two integers.
  5. Real Numbers- All numbers on the number line, including both rational and irrational numbers.
  6. Reciprocal- The multiplicative inverse of a number.
  7. Rectangle- A quadrilateral with four right angles.
  8. Reflection- A transformation producing a mirror image of a figure.
  9. Regression- A statistical process for estimating relationships among variables.
  10. Regular Polygon- A polygon with all sides and angles equal.
  11. Remainder- The amount left over after division.
  12. Root- The solution of an equation expressed as an integer, fraction, or other mathematical expression.
  13. Rhombus- A quadrilateral with all four sides of equal length.
  14. Right Angle- An angle of 90 degrees.
  15. Right Triangle- A triangle with one right angle.
  16. Rotation- A circular movement of an object around a center or point.
  17. Round- To approximate a number to the nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth, etc.
  18. Resultant- The vector sum of two or more vectors.
  19. Repetend- The repeating part of a decimal.
  20. Residual- The difference between observed and predicted values in a regression analysis.
  21. Resolution- The smallest measurable interval in a mathematical context.
  22. Reticence- The quality of being reserved, not typically a mathematical term.
  23. Reduced- Simplified form of a fraction.
  24. Radius of Convergence- The radius within which a power series converges.
  25. Rationalize- To eliminate a radical from the denominator of a fraction.
  26. Real Part- The non-imaginary part of a complex number.
  27. Reflex Angle- An angle greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees.
  28. Row- A horizontal group of values in a matrix or table.
  29. Rational Function- A function defined by the ratio of two polynomials.
  30. Rounding Error- The difference between the calculated approximation of a number and its exact mathematical value.
  31. Rejection Region- The set of values for which a null hypothesis is rejected in statistics.
  32. Radical- Another term for a root, especially square root.

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