Math Words That Start with T: Key Terms Explained

Looking for math terms that begin with the letter “t”? Here’s a handy list of mathematical words starting with “t” to boost your vocabulary.

  1. Tack- Short course in navigation or geometry.
  2. Tangent- A line that touches a curve at one point.
  3. Tangency- The condition of touching a curve or surface.
  4. Tangible- Quantifiable and measurable.
  5. Tautology- Statement true in every situation, often repeated.
  6. Tesselation- Tiling a plane with shapes without gaps.
  7. Tessera- Individual tile in a tessellation.
  8. Theorem- Proven statement in mathematics.
  9. Theorize- Formulate explanations or theories.
  10. Thrice- Three times in multiples.
  11. Threshold- Starting point or minimum limit.
  12. Tiling- Covering a plane with geometric shapes.
  13. Time- Dimension measuring event duration.
  14. Torus- Surface of a doughnut-shaped object.
  15. Total- Sum of all parts.
  16. Transform- Change in form or function.
  17. Translation- Shifting a shape without rotation.
  18. Transpose- Interchange positions especially in matrices.
  19. Trapezoid- Quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides.
  20. Trapezium- Quadrilateral with no parallel sides in some regions.
  21. Traversal- Path through a graph or data structure.
  22. Treble- Triple; multiply by three.
  23. Triad- Group of three related elements.
  24. Triangle- Polygon with three edges and vertices.
  25. Trigonometry- Study of triangles.
  26. Triangular- Pertaining to the shape of a triangle.
  27. Triangulate- Measure or divide in triangles.
  28. Trinary- Relating to the number three.
  29. Triple- Threefold increase or structure.
  30. Triplicate- Make three copies.
  31. Triplet- Group or set of three.
  32. Tritetraflexagon- Paper model that can flex and fold.
  33. Trisection- Division into three equal parts.
  34. Trivial- Simple or elementary in mathematics.
  35. Trillion- Number equal to 10^12 (one million million).
  36. Trigon- Another term for a triangle.
  37. Tuple- Ordered list or sequence of elements.
  38. Two- Integer between one and three; 2.
  39. Twine- To twist together or intertwine.
  40. Tetrahedron- Solid with four triangular faces.
  41. Torso- Central part of a geometric figure.
  42. Tensor- Mathematical object represented by arrays.
  43. Toroidal- Doughnut-shaped geometric form.
  44. Table- Arrangement of data in rows and columns.
  45. Tabulate- Organize data into tables.
  46. Tensile- Capable of being stretched.
  47. Tangible- Measurable, definite, or clearly expressed.
  48. Twiddle- Small adjustment, particularly in algorithms.
  49. Tab- Small projection or attachment for marking or holding.
  50. Target- Desired value or reference point.
  51. Time- Series – Data sequence indexed by time.
  52. Tolerance- Acceptable variation limit in measurements.
  53. Tabulation- Act of arranging data systematically.
  54. Tally- Count or total.
  55. Tonic- Pertaining to tone, especially in waveform analysis.
  56. Trim- Remove the outer parts.
  57. Tip- Final or small part of something.
  58. Truncate- Shorten by cutting off.
  59. Trial- Test or experiment iteration.
  60. Trajectory- Path followed by a moving object.
  61. Track- Pathway or direction.
  62. Trace- Outline or follow along a line or path.
  63. Transfinite- Beyond finite; related to infinite quantities.
  64. Transitivity- Property in mathematics relating elements.
  65. Tariff- Schedule of rates or fees, often used statistically.
  66. Tangency- Touching at a single point, without crossing.
  67. Triangle Inequality- Property of triangle side lengths.
  68. Trial Division- Method for finding factors by division.
  69. Trivial Group- Simplest mathematical group.
  70. Twin Primes- Pair of prime numbers differing by two.
  71. Tropic- Relating to circular patterns or orbits.
  72. Test- Procedure to establish quality or performance.
  73. Tangential Velocity- Speed at which an object moves along a tangent.
  74. Terminal Point- Endpoint in a geometric or algebraic context.
  75. Topology- Study of geometric properties preserved under transformation.
  76. Translation Vector- Vector determining translation.
  77. Telemetry- Remote data measurement and transmission.
  78. Taxonomy- Classification system.
  79. Torsion- Twisting force or angle.
  80. Tensile Strength- Maximum stress a material can withstand.

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