Math Words That Start With U: Essential Vocabulary List

If you’re curious about math terms that start with the letter “U,” this article will list and explain them for you.

  1. Union: The set containing all elements from two or more sets.
  2. Unit: A single complete entity or quantity used as a standard of measurement.
  3. Uniform: Identically the same in multiple instances.
  4. Unimodal: Having a single mode or peak.
  5. Unary: Involving only one element or component.
  6. Unbounded: Not confined within limits; limitless.
  7. Universal Set: The set that contains all objects under consideration.
  8. Upper Bound: The highest value in a range or set.
  9. Unit Circle: A circle with a radius of one, centered at the origin.
  10. Unit Matrix: A square matrix with ones on the diagonal and zeros elsewhere.
  11. U- substitution**: A method for solving integrals by substituting variables.
  12. Utility: A measure of preference or satisfaction.

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