Math Words That Start With V: Complete List and Definitions

Discover a list of math-related words that start with the letter “V” perfect for enhancing your mathematical vocabulary.

  1. Variable- A symbol used to represent an unknown value.
  2. Vector- A quantity possessing both magnitude and direction.
  3. Vertex- A corner point of a geometric shape.
  4. Vertical- Perpendicular to the horizon or baseline.
  5. Volume- The amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object.
  6. Venn Diagram- A diagram that shows all possible logical relationships between a finite collection of different sets.
  7. Variance- A measure of how much values in a data set differ from the mean.
  8. Value- The numerical worth assigned to a variable, constant, or expression.
  9. Vanishing Point- A point in perspective drawing where parallel lines appear to converge.
  10. Visualization- The act of forming a mental image of mathematical concepts.
  11. Varied- Marked by diversity or differences in form or value.
  12. Voronoi Diagram- A partitioning of a plane into regions based on distance to a specific set of points.
  13. Validity- The state of being logically correct or sound.
  14. Vieta’s Formulas- A set of equations relating the coefficients of a polynomial to sums and products of its roots.
  15. Volume Formula- A mathematical expression used to calculate the volume of an object.

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