Math Words That Start With X: Essential Terms Explained

In this article, you will learn about various math terms that start with the letter X.

  1. X- axis: The horizontal axis in a coordinate plane.
  2. X- coordinate: The value that shows the horizontal position of a point.
  3. X- intercept: The point where a graph crosses the x-axis.
  4. X- bar: The mean or average of a set of values.
  5. X- matrix: A matrix used in calculations or representations in mathematics.
  6. X- value: The value of a variable on the x-axis.
  7. X- factor: The variable or element being solved for in algebra.
  8. X- variable: The variable often represented on the horizontal axis.
  9. X- function: A function where the value of x is the input.
  10. X- tile: A term in statistics representing a specific percentile.

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