Math Words That Start with Z: Essential Terms and Definitions

Discover the key math terms that start with the letter ‘Z’ and enrich your mathematical vocabulary.

  1. Zero- The number which represents no quantity or null value; it is the integer between positive and negative numbers.
  2. Zeta function- A complex function used in number theory, often related to the distribution of prime numbers, most notably the Riemann Zeta function.
  3. Zenith- The highest point or peak; often used in spherical geometry.
  4. Zepto- A prefix in the metric system denoting 10^-21.
  5. Zigzag- A line or course characterized by sharp turns in alternating directions; in mathematical terms, it represents a path or pattern.
  6. Zillion- An informal term used to describe an indefinitely large number.
  7. Zone- A region divided based on specific criteria; in mathematics, it can refer to areas in geometry.
  8. Zeno’s paradox- Philosophical problems that propose paradoxes in motion and time, significant in mathematical theory.
  9. Z- axis – One of the axes in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system; it usually represents depth.
  10. Zoo- In graph theory, a structure also known as a “zoo” used to describe complicated and diverse collections of graphs.
  11. Zorn’s lemma- A proposition equivalent to the Axiom of Choice, used in set theory.
  12. Zag- A sharp change in direction; often paired with “zig” to describe a back and forth motion.
  13. Z/2Z- Notation representing the cyclic group of order 2, consisting of two elements.
  14. Zener- Named after the physicist Clarence Zener, refers to a specific voltage in electronics but also appears in mathematical equations.
  15. Zener diode- Though more an electronics term, it’s used in mathematical formulas involving circuit design.
  16. Zermelo- Fraenkel set theory – The standard form of axiomatic set theory from which most of mathematics can be derived.

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