Negative Words that Start with I: Complete List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of negative words that start with the letter I to help you expand your vocabulary.

  1. Ignorant- Lacking knowledge or awareness.
  2. Illiterate- Unable to read or write.
  3. Illegal- Contrary to or forbidden by law.
  4. Immoral- Not conforming to accepted standards of morality.
  5. Impolite- Not having or showing good manners.
  6. Imperfect- Not perfect; flawed.
  7. Impatient- Unable to wait; restless.
  8. Inconsiderate- Thoughtless; not thinking of others.
  9. Inept- Not skilled; clumsy.
  10. Inaccurate- Not correct; erroneous.
  11. Insincere- Not expressing genuine feelings.
  12. Inactive- Not active; idle.
  13. Indecisive- Unable to make decisions.
  14. Indifferent- Unconcerned; apathetic.
  15. Inferior- Lower in rank, status, or quality.
  16. Insulting- Disrespectful or scornful.
  17. Intoxicated- Drunk; under the influence of alcohol.
  18. Irrational- Not logical or reasonable.
  19. Irresponsible- Not showing a proper sense of responsibility.
  20. Irrelevant- Not connected with the matter at hand.
  21. Irritable- Easily annoyed or angered.
  22. Insecure- Lacking confidence; unsure of oneself.
  23. Indignant- Feeling or showing anger at unfair treatment.
  24. Inefficient- Not achieving maximum productivity.
  25. Infamous- Well known for a bad quality or deed.
  26. Inhospitable- Not welcoming or friendly.
  27. Incompetent- Not having the necessary skills.
  28. Incoherent- Not clear or easy to understand.
  29. Impoverished- Poor; lacking sufficient resources.
  30. Impractical- Not sensible or realistic.
  31. Inappropriate- Not suitable or proper.
  32. Intrusive- Causing disruption or annoyance by being unwelcome.
  33. Impulsive- Acting without thought or planning.
  34. Inflammatory- Causing anger or strong emotions.
  35. Inconsistent- Not staying the same throughout.
  36. Infectious- Likely to spread or influence others negatively.
  37. Inflexible- Not willing to change or compromise.
  38. Inexcusable- Too bad to be justified or tolerated.
  39. Insensitive- Not feeling or showing concern for others.
  40. Instinctual- Acting on basic instincts, often negatively.
  41. Interruptive- Causing disruption or interruption.
  42. Intolerable- Too bad or harsh to be tolerated.
  43. Invincible- Unable to be defeated, often used negatively for arrogance.
  44. Irradiated- Exposed to radiation, often harmful.
  45. Irreparable- Impossible to repair or remedy.
  46. Irresistible- Too attractive to be resisted, can also mean overpowering in a negative sense.
  47. Itchy- Causing an uncomfortable sensation.
  48. Incapable- Not able to do something.
  49. Invisible- Unable to be seen; unnoticed.
  50. Inhuman- Lacking human qualities.
  51. Incautious- Careless; lacking caution.
  52. Indolent- Lazy; avoiding activity.
  53. Incriminating- Making someone appear guilty.
  54. Indebted- Owing money or gratitude.
  55. Imperious- Assuming power without justification.
  56. Incensed- Very angry; enraged.
  57. Incomplete- Not fully finished or developed.
  58. Infernal- Related to hell; very bad or unpleasant.
  59. Inclement- Severe (usually weather).
  60. Intractable- Hard to control or deal with.
  61. Indistinct- Not clear or sharply defined.
  62. Irksome- Annoying; irritating.
  63. Infuriating- Causing anger or frustration.
  64. Incorruptible- Inreverting or changing in a negative manner.
  65. Immobile- Unable to move or be moved.
  66. Insolvent- Unable to pay debts.
  67. Ignoble- Not honorable in character or purpose.
  68. Irregular- Not following a pattern.
  69. Invidious- Likely to cause resentment or anger.
  70. Impassive- Not showing emotion.
  71. Inelastic- Not flexible; unyielding.
  72. Incendiary- Designed to cause fires; likely to cause conflict.
  73. Inauspicious- Not conducive to success; unpromising.
  74. Invalid- Not valid or legally recognized.
  75. Insuperable- Impossible to overcome.
  76. Inhumane- Without compassion for misery or suffering.
  77. Infertile- Incapable of reproducing.
  78. Inoperative- Not working or functioning.
  79. Infest- Be present in large numbers, typically so as to cause damage.
  80. Insolent- Showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect.
  81. Inert- Lacking the ability or strength to move.
  82. Inequitable- Unfair; unjust.
  83. Invulnerable- Impossible to harm or damage.
  84. Infectious- Spreading disease or influence.
  85. Insidious- Proceeding in a subtle way with harmful effects.
  86. Imminent- About to happen, often with negative connotation.
  87. Injudicious- Showing poor judgment.
  88. Impiety- Lack of reverence, especially for a god.
  89. Imperceptible- Impossible to perceive.
  90. Inferior- Lower in quality.
  91. Inhumane- Without compassion for suffering.
  92. Irrational- Not logical.
  93. Imperceptive- Lacking awareness.
  94. Intractable- Hard to control.
  95. Inquisitive- In a prying manner.
  96. Insolent- Disrespectful.
  97. Imprudent- Not showing care for consequences.
  98. Infect- To contaminate with disease.
  99. Impugn- To call into question.
  100. Incise- Cut into, often in a negative medical sense.

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