Nice Words That Start With M for Positive Communication

This article lists a variety of nice words that start with the letter M to enrich your vocabulary and brighten your day.

  1. Magnificent- Impressively beautiful or elaborate.
  2. Marvelous- Extremely good or pleasing.
  3. Mindful- Attentive and aware.
  4. Magical- Enchanting or delightful.
  5. Majestic- Having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.
  6. Mellifluous- Sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.
  7. Merciful- Showing compassion or forgiveness.
  8. Maternal- Relating to a mother; nurturing.
  9. Magnanimous- Generous or forgiving.
  10. Meaningful- Full of meaning or significance.
  11. Mesmerizing- Captivating or enchanting.
  12. Mirthful- Full of happiness and laughter.
  13. Mellow- Pleasantly smooth or soft.
  14. Modest- Unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities.
  15. Mutually- Having both sides in agreement.
  16. Motivating- Providing motivation or encouragement.
  17. Meticulous- Showing great attention to detail.
  18. Matchless- Not able to be equaled.
  19. Mind- blowing – Extremely impressive or surprising.
  20. Mighty- Possessing great strength or power.
  21. Munificent- More generous than is usual or necessary.
  22. Miraculous- Occurring through divine or supernatural intervention.
  23. Motivational- Providing inspiration or encouragement.
  24. Melodious- Pleasant-sounding.
  25. Masterful- Performed with great skill.
  26. Multifaceted- Having many facets or aspects.
  27. Mind- expanding – Broadening one’s intellectual or creative capacity.
  28. Memorable- Worth remembering.
  29. Meditative- Reflective and thoughtful.
  30. Methodical- Done according to a systematic or established form.
  31. Marveling- Filled with wonder or astonishment.
  32. Modesty- The quality of being moderate in estimation of one’s abilities.
  33. Mirthfulness- The state of being full of humor and happiness.
  34. Mild- Gentle and not severe.
  35. Mannerly- Polite and well-mannered.
  36. Mesmeric- Hypnotic or spellbinding.
  37. Miraculous- Extraordinarily wonderful.
  38. Majority- The state of being greater.
  39. Magnanimity- The quality of being generous.
  40. Mettle- Courage and fortitude.
  41. Matchless- Incomparable.
  42. Matey- Friendly or social.
  43. Merriment- High-spirited fun and enjoyment.
  44. Munificence- Generous giving.
  45. Meticulousness- Great attention to detail.
  46. Mastery- Comprehensive knowledge or skill.
  47. Mesmerization- The act of enchanting or hypnotizing.
  48. Mindfulness- The quality of being aware and thoughtful.
  49. Masterfully- With great skill.
  50. Mediation- Intervention in a process or relationship.
  51. Mitigation- The action of reducing severity.
  52. Ministerial- Relating to a minister of religion or government.
  53. Mitigative- Intended to alleviate or lessen.
  54. Mobilizing- The action of organizing and encouraging people.
  55. Multicolored- Having many colors.
  56. Multicultural- Relating to many cultures.
  57. Mountainous- Resembling a mountain; large and solid.
  58. Matureness- The state of being mature; fully developed.
  59. Momentous- Of great importance or significance.
  60. Motility- Capability of movement.
  61. Multiplying- Increasing in number greatly.
  62. Moiety- A portion or part.
  63. Marmoreal- Made of or like marble.
  64. Manifold- Many and various.
  65. Meritorious- Deserving reward or praise.
  66. Memorative- Related to remembering or commemorating.
  67. Moldable- Capable of being shaped or formed.
  68. Muscular- Having well-developed muscles; strong.
  69. Multitude- A large number of things.
  70. Meek- Quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on.
  71. Melancholy- A deep, pensive, long-lasting sadness, though sometimes seen as thoughtful and introspective.
  72. Modernist- Relating to modernism.
  73. Malleable- Easily influenced or altered.
  74. Magnum opus- The greatest work of an artist, writer, or composer.
  75. Motile- Capable of movement.
  76. Mirth- Amusement or laughter.
  77. Mitigatory- Relieving or lessening severity.
  78. Meaningfully- In a meaningful way.
  79. Mesmerizer- One who mesmerizes; a hypnotist.
  80. Memorizer- One who memorizes.
  81. Moxie- Force of character, determination, or nerve.
  82. Marveling- Expressing great wonder.
  83. Mentorship- Guidance provided by a mentor.
  84. Multitasking- Performing multiple tasks simultaneously.
  85. Matey- Sociable and friendly.
  86. Museful- Deeply thoughtful.
  87. Mindset- The established set of attitudes held by someone.
  88. Minstrelsy- The practice of a minstrel; a medieval singer or musician.
  89. Myriad- A countless or extremely great number of things.
  90. Mutable- Liable to change.
  91. Mellowing- Becoming more relaxed and agreeable with age.
  92. Moxey- Spirited energy or courage.
  93. Manumission- The act of freeing someone from slavery.
  94. Maneuverable- Capable of being steered or directed.
  95. Methodic- Done according to a systematic or established form.
  96. Magistral- Commanding, authoritative.
  97. Mingling- Mixing or associating.
  98. Mountainous- Having many mountains; large and imposing.
  99. Motility- The ability to move spontaneously.
  100. Metaphysical- Concerning the philosophical study of being and knowing.

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