o words: Finding Words That Start with ‘O’

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with the letter “o” to enhance your vocabulary and boost your language skills.

  1. Oasis- A fertile spot in a desert.
  2. Oath- A solemn promise.
  3. Obedient- Complying with orders or requests.
  4. Obelisk- A tall, four-sided stone pillar.
  5. Oblivious- Unaware or forgetful.
  6. Obscure- Not clearly expressed.
  7. Obsolete- Out of date.
  8. Obstruct- Block or get in the way of.
  9. Obtuse- Slow to understand.
  10. Occult- Relating to magic or the supernatural.
  11. Occupant- Someone who resides in a space.
  12. Occur- Happen or take place.
  13. Ocean- A vast body of saltwater.
  14. Octagon- A shape with eight sides.
  15. Octave- An interval of eight diatonic notes.
  16. Ocular- Relating to the eye.
  17. Odor- A distinctive smell.
  18. Offend- Cause to feel upset.
  19. Office- A place of business or work.
  20. Official- Relating to an authority.
  21. Offset- Counterbalance or compensate.
  22. Often- Frequently.
  23. Oil- A viscous liquid used as fuel or lubricant.
  24. Old- Having lived for many years.
  25. Olive- A small, oval fruit.
  26. Omen- A sign or indication of future events.
  27. Omit- Leave out or exclude.
  28. One- The number after zero.
  29. Onset- Beginning or start.
  30. Ontology- The study of being.
  31. Oodle- A large quantity.
  32. Ooze- Slowly trickle or seep out.
  33. Opal- A precious gemstone.
  34. Opaque- Not transparent.
  35. Open- Not closed or fastened.
  36. Operate- Function or work.
  37. Operator- A person who operates equipment.
  38. Opinion- A belief or judgment.
  39. Opponent- A rival or adversary.
  40. Opportune- Suitable or timely.
  41. Opposite- Completely different.
  42. Optical- Relating to sight.
  43. Optimistic- Hopeful and confident.
  44. Option- A choice or alternative.
  45. Oracle- A prophetic figure or message.
  46. Oral- Spoken rather than written.
  47. Orange- A round citrus fruit.
  48. Orbit- The path of a celestial body.
  49. Orchards- Areas of land with fruit trees.
  50. Orchid- A type of flowering plant.
  51. Orchestra- A large group of musicians.
  52. Ordain- Order or decree officially.
  53. Order- An arrangement or sequence.
  54. Ordinary- Commonplace.
  55. Oregon- A U.S. state.
  56. Ore- A naturally occurring mineral.
  57. Organ- A part of an organism.
  58. Organic- Relating to living matter.
  59. Organization- A group structured for a purpose.
  60. Orient- Align or position.
  61. Origin- The beginning or cause of something.
  62. Original- First or earliest.
  63. Orphan- A child whose parents are deceased.
  64. Oscillate- Move back and forth.
  65. Ostrich- A large flightless bird.
  66. Otter- A semi-aquatic mammal.
  67. Ounce- A unit of weight.
  68. Outbreak- A sudden occurrence.
  69. Outdoor- Outside or in the open air.
  70. Outer- Situated on the outside.
  71. Outgoing- Sociable and friendly.
  72. Outlaw- A person who has broken the law.
  73. Outlet- A point of access for electricity or gas.
  74. Outline- A general description.
  75. Outpost- A distant military station.
  76. Output- The amount produced.
  77. Outrage- An extremely strong reaction.
  78. Outside- The external side.
  79. Outstanding- Exceptionally good.
  80. Oval- An egg-shaped form.
  81. Oven- A chamber used for baking or roasting.
  82. Overcast- Cloudy weather.
  83. Overcome- Succeed in dealing with.
  84. Overflow- A flow over the brim.
  85. Overhaul- A thorough examination.
  86. Overlap- Extend over and cover part of.
  87. Overlook- Fail to notice.
  88. Overseas- Across the sea.
  89. Overstate- Exaggerate.
  90. Overtake- Catch up with and pass.
  91. Overview- A general summary.
  92. Ovulate- Release of an egg from the ovary.
  93. Owl- A nocturnal bird of prey.
  94. Ownership- The state of owning something.
  95. Oxidize- Combine or become combined with oxygen.
  96. Oxygen- A gas essential for respiration.
  97. Oyster- A marine mollusk.
  98. Oz- A unit of weight, ounce abbreviation.
  99. Ozone- A form of oxygen with three atoms per molecule.

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