og words: Questions and How-Tos

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words ending in “og” to enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Bog- Soft, wet, spongy ground.
  2. Cog- A gear tooth or wheel.
  3. Dog- A domesticated carnivorous mammal.
  4. Fog- A thick cloud of tiny water droplets.
  5. Hog- A domesticated pig.
  6. Jog- To run at a slow, steady pace.
  7. Log- A part of the trunk of a tree.
  8. Nog- A wooden peg used in construction.
  9. Slog- To work hard over a period of time.
  10. Smog- Fog combined with smoke or other pollutants.
  11. Boggy- Wet and muddy ground.
  12. Frogs- Small amphibians with long legs and smooth skin.
  13. Blog- A website run by an individual or group.
  14. Fogs- Becomes obscured by fog.
  15. Cogs- Teeth on a gear wheel.
  16. Hogs- Domesticated pigs.
  17. Jogged- Ran at a steady, slow pace.
  18. Logging- The work of cutting down trees for timber.
  19. Blogging- Writing or maintaining a blog.
  20. Slogged- Worked hard over a period of time.
  21. Frogged- Decorated with frogs (ornamental fastenings).
  22. Froggy- Resembling a frog.

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