ol words list and their meanings

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that contain the letters “ol.

  1. Old- having lived for many years.
  2. Olive- a small, bitter fruit often used in cooking or for oil.
  3. Oblong- having an elongated shape.
  4. Oligarchy- a government run by a small group of people.
  5. Oleo- another term for margarine.
  6. Olympus- the home of the Greek gods.
  7. Oolong- a type of Chinese tea.
  8. Oleander- a toxic flowering shrub.
  9. Olivewood- wood from olive trees, often used in woodworking.
  10. Olfactory- relating to the sense of smell.
  11. Oilskin- waterproofed cloth used for making wet weather clothing.
  12. Oligos- short DNA or RNA molecules used in genetic testing.
  13. Olivine- a green mineral used in jewellery.
  14. Olio- a miscellaneous collection of things.
  15. Oligopsony- a market form with few buyers.
  16. Olingo- a small, nocturnal mammal in the raccoon family.
  17. Holz- (German word for wood).
  18. Kernholz- (German for heartwood).
  19. Holistic- considering the whole rather than just parts.
  20. Folio- a book size or a sheet of paper folded once.
  21. Colloquial- using informal language in speaking or writing.
  22. Colleague- a person one works with in a profession or business.
  23. Collide- to strike or hit something with force.
  24. Collision- an instance of one moving object hitting another.
  25. Follicle- a small secretory cavity, sac, or gland.
  26. Acolyte- a person assisting a clergy member in a religious service.
  27. Colloquialism- informal language or slang.
  28. Apostolic- relating to the apostles or their teachings.
  29. Eolian- pertaining to the wind.
  30. Topological- relating to the arrangement of geometric properties.
  31. Colloid- a mixture where one substance is microscopically dispersed in another.
  32. Zoology- the scientific study of animals.
  33. Zoologist- a scientist who studies animals.
  34. Colloquium- an academic seminar or conference.
  35. Soliloquy- a speech given by a character alone on stage.
  36. Holster- a leather case for carrying a handgun.
  37. Folate- a form of Vitamin B9 found in foods.
  38. Enology- the science of winemaking.
  39. Viola- a string instrument slightly larger than a violin.
  40. Protocol- a system of rules for formal procedure.
  41. Ennui- a feeling of listlessness or dissatisfaction.
  42. Colophon- a publisher’s emblem or imprint.
  43. Violent- involving or characterized by physical force.
  44. Polynomial- an algebraic expression with multiple terms.
  45. Scholarly- having or showing knowledge gained by studying.
  46. Melancholy- a feeling of deep sadness.
  47. Stolon- a creeping horizontal plant stem.
  48. Soliton- a solitary wave packet in physics.
  49. Only- solely or exclusively.
  50. Colony- a group of people living in a new territory.
  51. Solitude- the state of being alone.
  52. Isolate- to separate from others.
  53. Violation- the act of breaking a rule or law.
  54. Hollow- having a hole or empty space inside.
  55. Apology- a regretful acknowledgment of an offense.
  56. Technology- the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.
  57. Theology- the study of the nature of God.
  58. Ecology- the study of living organisms in relation to their environment.
  59. Solace- comfort in a time of distress.
  60. Colander- a bowl with holes for draining food.
  61. Hologram- a three-dimensional image formed by light beams.
  62. Folio- a leaf of a manuscript or book.
  63. Solstice- when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator.
  64. Collapsible- capable of being folded into a smaller size.
  65. Toll- a charge payable for permission to use a particular bridge or road.
  66. Rollicking- exuberantly lively and amusing.
  67. Colorful- having much or varied color.
  68. Folly- lack of good sense; foolishness.
  69. Gloomily- in a dark or melancholy manner.
  70. Wool- soft hair from sheep used for textiles.
  71. Knoll- a small hill or mound.
  72. Poll- the process of voting.
  73. Closet- a small cupboard or room for storage.
  74. Yolk- the yellow part of an egg.
  75. Tollbooth- a booth where a toll is collected.
  76. Rolodex- a rotating file device used to store business contacts.
  77. Wholly- entirely; fully.
  78. Pollute- to contaminate with harmful or poisonous substances.
  79. Sole- the undersurface of a foot or shoe.
  80. Colosseum- a large amphitheater in Rome.
  81. Coltan- a mineral used in electronics.
  82. Holistic- dealing with integrated whole systems rather than separate parts.
  83. Polynomial- an expression of more than two algebraic terms.
  84. Apologetic- expressing regret or remorse.
  85. Monologue- a long speech by one actor in a play or movie.
  86. Polymorph- an organism or inorganic object that takes various forms.
  87. Venturous- willing to take risks; adventurous.
  88. Colonize- to establish a colony in.
  89. Colic- severe pain in the abdomen.
  90. Polio- a viral disease that can cause paralysis.
  91. Colloquy- a formal conversation or dialogue.
  92. Solemn- formal and dignified.
  93. Protocol- official procedure or system of rules.
  94. Colonnade- a row of columns supporting a roof.
  95. Solder- to join metal pieces together.
  96. Holocene- the current geological epoch.
  97. Colitis- inflammation of the colon.
  98. Polity- an organized society; a political entity.

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