oo words: Frequently Asked Questions and Top How-Tos

In this article, you will discover a variety of “oo” words to enhance your vocabulary and understanding.

  1. Moon- Earth’s natural satellite.
  2. Soon- In a short time.
  3. Loot- Stolen goods.
  4. Cool- Moderately cold.
  5. Food- Edible substances.
  6. Foot- A body part used for standing and walking.
  7. Book- A set of written or printed pages.
  8. Root- The part of a plant that attaches it to the ground.
  9. Shoot- To discharge a weapon.
  10. Hoot- Sound made by an owl.
  11. Room- A part of a building enclosed by walls.
  12. Tool- A device used to carry out a particular function.
  13. Boot- A type of footwear.
  14. Loop- A shape produced by a curve.
  15. Sooner- At an earlier time.
  16. Scoop- A utensil for taking up substances.
  17. Stool- A piece of furniture for sitting.
  18. Moose- A large deer with broad palmate antlers.
  19. Gloom- Partial or total darkness.
  20. Bloom- The state of flowering.
  21. Drool- Release saliva from the mouth.
  22. Proof- Evidence establishing a fact.
  23. Goofy- Silly or ridiculous.
  24. Broom- A tool for sweeping.
  25. Noon- Midday.
  26. School- An institution for educating children.
  27. Spool- A cylindrical device for winding thread.
  28. Roof- The structure forming the upper covering of a building.
  29. Brood- A family of young animals.
  30. Coop- A cage or pen for poultry.
  31. Boom- A deep, resonant sound.
  32. Route- A way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.
  33. Tooth- One of the hard bony structures in the mouth.
  34. Groove- A long, narrow cut or depression.
  35. Swoop- To move rapidly downward through the air.
  36. Troop- A group of soldiers.
  37. Spoon- A utensil for eating or serving.
  38. Hood- A covering for the head.
  39. Scoot- Move or run somewhere suddenly.
  40. Shoot- To discharge a projectile.
  41. Crook- A person who is dishonest or a criminal.
  42. Booth- A small, temporary structure.
  43. Afternoon- The time from noon to evening.
  44. Balloon- An inflatable rubber sac.
  45. Cartoon- A simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way.
  46. Bamboo- A type of fast-growing grass.
  47. Boomerang- A curved, flat, wooden tool that returns to the thrower.
  48. Saloon- An establishment for the sale of alcoholic drinks.
  49. Toolbox- A box to hold tools.
  50. Moo- The sound a cow makes.
  51. Rooster- A male chicken.
  52. Kangaroo- A large marsupial from Australia.
  53. Raccoon- A nocturnal mammal with a black mask on its face.
  54. Mood- A temporary state of mind or feeling.
  55. Monsoon- A seasonal prevailing wind that brings heavy rain.
  56. Boost- To increase or improve.
  57. Cookbook- A book containing recipes.
  58. Doodle- A rough drawing made absent-mindedly.
  59. Zook- Short for zoo, a place where animals are kept.
  60. Goose- A large waterbird with a long neck.
  61. Spook- A ghost or specter.
  62. Rook- A bird similar to a crow.
  63. Cheesecloth- A lightweight, loosely woven fabric.
  64. Footprint- An impression of the foot on a surface.
  65. Boost- Increase or improvement.
  66. Lookout- A place from which to observe.
  67. Rooster- Male chicken.
  68. Brood- A group of young birds.
  69. Proof- Evidence establishing a fact.
  70. Toothbrush- A brush used to clean teeth.
  71. Bootcamp- A training camp for new recruits.
  72. Zookeeper- Person who takes care of animals in a zoo.
  73. Hairdo- A way of wearing the hair.
  74. Bloodroot- A plant with red sap.
  75. Floodplain- Land adjacent to a river that is prone to flooding.
  76. Toolmaker- Individual or company that produces tools.
  77. Shootout- A gunfight.
  78. Classroom- Room where teaching occurs.
  79. Notebook- A book with blank pages for writing notes.
  80. Smooth- Having a surface free from irregularities.
  81. Hoop- A circular band.
  82. Schoolroom- A room in a school.
  83. Footstool- A low stool for resting the feet.
  84. Moonlight- Light from the moon.
  85. Mushroom- A type of fungus with a stem and cap.
  86. Lookalike- Someone who closely resembles another person.
  87. Bookshelf- A shelf for holding books.
  88. Football- A sport involving a ball and goals.
  89. Foodstuff- A substance suitable for food.
  90. Foolproof- Incapable of going wrong; easy to use.
  91. Cookout- An outdoor meal or picnic.
  92. Toothpaste- Paste used for cleaning teeth.

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