Q Words Without U: Unique English Vocabulary

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that contain the letter “q” without being followed by a “u”.

  1. Qi- Vital life force in Chinese culture.
  2. Qat- A plant whose leaves are chewed for stimulant effects.
  3. Qadi- Islamic judge.
  4. Qibla- Direction Muslims face during prayer.
  5. Qintar- Albanian unit of weight.
  6. Qormas- South Asian curry dish.
  7. Qabalah- Jewish mystical tradition.
  8. Qoph- Nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  9. Qawwali- Sufi devotional music from South Asia.
  10. Qanun- Stringed musical instrument from the Middle East.
  11. Qiviut- Fine underwool of the muskox.
  12. Qabala- Alternative spelling of Qabalah.
  13. Qashqai- Nomadic ethnic group in Iran.
  14. Qigong- Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control.
  15. Qindar- Albanian currency unit.
  16. Qutb- Spiritual pole in Islamic mysticism.
  17. Qorma- Alternate spelling of Qorma.
  18. Qamets- Diacritical mark in Hebrew script.
  19. Qipao- Traditional Chinese dress.
  20. Qajaq- Inuit kayak.
  21. Qalat- Fortress or castle in the Middle East.

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