Science Words That Start with Z: A Curated List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of science words that start with the letter “z.

  1. Zeolite- Microporous minerals used as adsorbents and catalysts.
  2. Zenith- The point in the sky directly above an observer.
  3. Zygote- A fertilized egg cell.
  4. Zoonosis- A disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans.
  5. Zoology- The scientific study of animals.
  6. Zinc- A chemical element with the symbol Zn, essential for human health.
  7. Zone- An area or region distinguished from adjacent parts.
  8. Zero- The value of none; a fundamental concept in mathematics.
  9. Zeta potential- The electrical potential in colloidal dispersions.
  10. Zygospore- A thick-walled spore formed by the fusion of similar gametes in fungi and algae.
  11. Zyklon- A pesticide gas historically used in pest control.
  12. Zircon- A mineral belonging to the group of nesosilicates; a gemstone.
  13. Zooplankton- Heterotrophic planktonic animals that drift in oceans, seas, and bodies of fresh water.
  14. Zugunruhe- Migratory restlessness in birds.
  15. Zwitterion- A molecule containing both positive and negative charges, but is overall neutral.
  16. Zymase- An enzyme complex that catalyzes the fermentation of sugar to ethanol and carbon dioxide.
  17. Zymogen- An inactive substance that is converted into an enzyme when activated.
  18. Zygomatic- Pertaining to the structures of the cheekbone.
  19. Zinc- finger – A small protein structural motif that binds to DNA.
  20. Z- DNA – A left-handed helical form of DNA.
  21. Zurich scale- A system of classifying solar flares based on their visual appearance.
  22. Zebra fish- A small freshwater fish (Danio rerio) important in genetic and developmental research.
  23. Zetta- Prefix denoting a factor of 10^21 in the metric system.
  24. Zap- Short burst of current or voltage in physics.
  25. Zeptosecond- One trillionth of a billionth of a second (10^-21 seconds).

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