Short A Words: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of short ‘a’ words to enhance your vocabulary and aid in spelling practice.

  1. Cat- A small domesticated carnivorous mammal.
  2. Bat- A nocturnal flying mammal.
  3. Hat- A covering for the head.
  4. Rat- A rodent similar to a mouse.
  5. Mat- A piece of fabric for wiping feet.
  6. Fan- A device for creating airflow.
  7. Pan- A container for cooking.
  8. Man- An adult male human.
  9. Jam- A fruit preserve.
  10. Can- A container made of metal.
  11. Nap- A short sleep.
  12. Map- A visual representation of an area.
  13. Cap- A head covering with a visor.
  14. Lap- Part of the body when sitting.
  15. Gap- An opening or space.
  16. Ram- A male sheep.
  17. Tap- A device for controlling the flow of liquid.
  18. Sap- Fluid from plants.
  19. Yam- A starchy root vegetable.
  20. Cab- A vehicle for hire.
  21. Lab- A room for scientific experiments.
  22. Dab- A small amount.
  23. Fab- Short for fabulous.
  24. Tab- A small projection.
  25. Fat- Having excess body weight.
  26. Vat- A large container for liquids.
  27. Pat- A light touch.
  28. Sat- Past tense of sit.
  29. Lag- Delay in progress or movement.
  30. Bag- A container for holding items.
  31. Tag- A label or identifier.
  32. Wag- Move from side to side.
  33. Zap- Destroy or kill with sudden force.
  34. Lap- To overlap.
  35. Gap- An unfilled space or interval.
  36. Jam- A musical session.
  37. Ham- A cut of meat from the hind leg of a pig.
  38. Ban- Officially prohibit.
  39. Cab- The driver’s compartment of a truck.
  40. Dab- Press against something lightly.
  41. Fab- Wonderful, excellent.
  42. Gab- Talk at length.
  43. Jab- A quick, sharp poke.
  44. Lab- Laboratory.
  45. Nab- Grab or seize suddenly.
  46. Rag- A piece of old, usually torn cloth.
  47. Sag- Sink or curve downward.
  48. Tag- A small piece of material.
  49. Van- A type of vehicle used for transporting goods.
  50. Wag- Swing steadily back and forth.
  51. Zap- Destroy or obliterate.
  52. Bat- Strike with the bat.
  53. Hat- A covering for the head.
  54. Mat- A piece of material placed on the floor.
  55. Rat- A long-tailed rodent.
  56. Vat- A large tank or tub.
  57. Sat- Positioned oneself in a seated manner.
  58. Can- Be able to.
  59. Pan- Move a camera to follow a subject.
  60. Tan- Brown color from sun exposure.
  61. Fan- A person who has a strong interest.
  62. Man- To staff or operate.
  63. Cap- A limit or ceiling.
  64. Map- Plan in detail.
  65. Rap- A type of music.
  66. Sap- Foolish or gullible person.
  67. Tap- Draw liquid through an opening.
  68. Ram- Forcefully push or drive.
  69. Jam- Block or make unworkable.
  70. Yam- Sweet potato-like tuber.
  71. Lap- Complete round in a race track.
  72. Nap- Fabric with a raised surface.
  73. Lag- Fall behind in movement or progress.
  74. Nab- Arrest or capture.
  75. Rag- Fabric used for cleaning.
  76. Sag- Drooping from weakness.
  77. Tag- Small piece of paper or cloth attached.
  78. Van- Covered vehicle for transport.
  79. Wag- Humorous or facetious person.
  80. Zap- Give sudden burst of energy.
  81. Ham- Amateur radio operator.
  82. Pat- Approval or praise.
  83. Cab- A compartment for a driver.
  84. Dab- Apply lightly with short strokes.
  85. Gab- Talk informally, chat.
  86. Jab- Push or hit suddenly.
  87. Lab- School or workplace room for experiments.
  88. Bag- Capture or achieve something.
  89. Nag- Remind or urge repeatedly.
  90. Rag- A newspaper.
  91. Sag- Decline or drop in level.
  92. Tag- Attach to someone or something for identification.
  93. Jam- Musicians playing together informally.
  94. Pan- Move a camera horizontally.
  95. Cap- Complete or finish something.
  96. Lag- Interval of delay.
  97. Hat- A role or position.
  98. Rat- Inform on someone.
  99. Sat- Performed a religious or ceremonial act.
  100. Cab- Taxi.

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