Short Words That Start With O: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a list of short words that start with the letter O to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Oak- A type of tree.
  2. Oar- A tool for rowing.
  3. Oat- A type of grain.
  4. Odd- Strange or unusual.
  5. Off- Away or distant.
  6. Ohm- Unit of electrical resistance.
  7. Oil- A greasy liquid.
  8. Old- Having existed for a long time.
  9. One- A single unit.
  10. Ono- Type of fish.
  11. Ont- Abbreviation for ontology.
  12. Orb- Spherical object.
  13. Ore- Mineral from which metal is extracted.
  14. Our- Belonging to us.
  15. Out- Away from inside.
  16. Owl- Nocturnal bird.
  17. Own- Possess.
  18. Ox- A domesticated bovine.
  19. Oxy- Prefix for something containing oxygen.
  20. Ode- A type of poem.
  21. Opt- To choose.
  22. Oak- Dense hardwood tree.
  23. Oboe- A woodwind instrument.
  24. Omit- To leave out.
  25. Oral- Related to the mouth.
  26. Oval- Rounded, egg-shaped.
  27. Oven- Appliance for baking.
  28. Onyx- A gemstone.
  29. Opal- A precious gemstone.
  30. Only- Single one in a category.
  31. Obey- To follow commands.
  32. Oily- Covered with oil.
  33. Oops- Exclamation of error.
  34. Omph- Interjection expressing disdain.
  35. Ogam- Ancient script.
  36. Oxen- Plural of ox.
  37. Open- Not closed.
  38. Ogre- Mythical monster.
  39. Ogle- To stare at.
  40. Over- Above or higher than.
  41. Obit- Death notice.
  42. Onto- Moving to a location.
  43. Omni- Prefix meaning all.
  44. Oust- To remove.
  45. Oscar- Award for movie excellence.
  46. Opps- Interjection of a mistake.
  47. Obvi- Short for obvious.
  48. Oven- Enclosed cooking appliance.
  49. Ogam- Ancient Irish script.
  50. Obit- Death notice in a newspaper.
  51. Onto- To a position on.
  52. Opus- Work of art or music.
  53. Otto- Given name.
  54. Oops- Mistake exclamation.
  55. Ogle- Look amorously.
  56. Over- Above in position.
  57. Obey- To comply with commands.
  58. Open- Not shut or closed.
  59. Opal- Gemstone with iridescence.
  60. Only- Solely, no more than.
  61. Oxen- Plural of ox.
  62. Onus- Burden or responsibility.
  63. Otos- Misspelling of otis.
  64. Odes- Lyric poems.
  65. Oval- Elliptical or egg-shaped.
  66. Otto- Male first name.
  67. Omit- To exclude.
  68. Ogle- To stare with desire.
  69. Open- Not closed.
  70. Oars- Rowing tools.
  71. Ower- One who owes.
  72. Opal- Type of gem.
  73. Onyx- Type of precious stone.
  74. Odor- Smell or scent.
  75. Ogle- To look at flirtatiously.
  76. Once- One time.
  77. Oaks- Type of trees.
  78. Oars- Tools for rowing.
  79. Orbit- Path of celestial object.
  80. Obst- Short for obstacle.
  81. Order- Command or arrangement.
  82. Otis- Personal name.
  83. Oven- Baking appliance.
  84. Ommi- Variant of omni.
  85. Opera- Musical drama.
  86. Outer- Located on the outside.
  87. Ozone- Triatomic oxygen.
  88. Owner- Possessor.
  89. Offer- Proposal.
  90. Other- Different from.
  91. Optic- Related to vision.
  92. Olive- Type of fruit.
  93. Ought- Should.
  94. Ogre- Mythical creature.
  95. Onset- Beginning.
  96. Ombre- Shade or tone.
  97. Ovoid- Egg-shaped.
  98. Olio- Mixture or medley.
  99. Otter- Aquatic mammal.
  100. Oasis- Water source in desert.

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