sp words: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “sp” to expand your vocabulary and help with your writing projects.

  1. Space- the infinite extension in which all matter exists.
  2. Span- the extent, range, or distance between two points.
  3. Spade- a tool for digging.
  4. Spark- a small fiery particle.
  5. Speak- to articulate words.
  6. Special- unique or distinct in some way.
  7. Speed- the rate at which something moves.
  8. Spell- to write or name the letters of a word.
  9. Spend- to use money to pay for something.
  10. Spill- to cause liquid to flow over the edge.
  11. Spin- to turn or cause to turn around rapidly.
  12. Spirit- a non-physical part of a person.
  13. Spite- a desire to annoy or hurt someone.
  14. Splash- to scatter liquid in drops.
  15. Spoon- a utensil used for eating or serving.
  16. Spool- a cylindrical object for winding thread.
  17. Sport- physical activity or games.
  18. Spot- a small round mark.
  19. Spout- an opening that allows liquid to flow out.
  20. Sprain- to injure a ligament by twisting.
  21. Spray- liquid propelled as a fine mist.
  22. Spread- to extend over a surface or area.
  23. Spring- the season after winter.
  24. Sprout- to begin to grow.
  25. Spur- a projection from a bird’s leg.
  26. Spy- to observe secretly.
  27. Spooky- eerie or frightening.
  28. Sponge- a porous substance that absorbs liquid.
  29. Spiral- a curve that winds around a central point.
  30. Splashy- strikingly eye-catching.
  31. Spline- a flexible strip used in drawing curves.
  32. Spouse- a partner in marriage.
  33. Spritz- to spray a fine mist.
  34. Sprawling- spreading out over a large area.
  35. Sputter- to make a series of soft explosive sounds.
  36. Spittoon- a container for spitting into.
  37. Splendid- magnificent or very impressive.
  38. Spongy- soft and absorbent.
  39. Splinter- a small, thin, sharp piece of wood or material.
  40. Spiffy- smart in appearance.
  41. Spurious- not genuine or authentic.
  42. Sparse- thinly scattered or distributed.
  43. Spurt- to gush out in a sudden stream.
  44. Spunky- full of spirit or courage.
  45. Sprinkle- to scatter in small drops.
  46. Specter- a ghost or phantom.
  47. Sponsor- to support or finance.
  48. Spunky- having spirit or courage.
  49. Spurt- a sudden and intense burst of activity.
  50. Spire- a tapering structure on top of a building.
  51. Splatter- to splash with a liquid.
  52. Spasm- a sudden involuntary muscle contraction.
  53. Spirit- a supernatural being.
  54. Spangle- small, shiny objects for decoration.
  55. Sputum- saliva mixed with mucus.
  56. Spandex- a stretchy fiber used in clothing.
  57. Spigots- faucets or taps.
  58. Spindle- a rod used for spinning fibers.
  59. Sprawl- to spread out awkwardly.
  60. Spoof- a humorous imitation.
  61. Spic- an offensive term for a Spanish-speaking person.
  62. Spousal- related to marriage.
  63. Spoked- having spokes.
  64. Spline- a key that fits into a groove.
  65. Splotch- an irregularly shaped spot.
  66. Spectacle- an impressive public display.
  67. Spaniel- a breed of dog.
  68. Spoonful- as much as can be held in a spoon.
  69. Stalwart- loyal, reliable, and hardworking.
  70. Spigot- a faucet.
  71. Splice- to join two ends together.
  72. Spunky- spirited and lively.
  73. Spool- a cylindrical device for winding.
  74. Spritz- spray briefly.
  75. Spurn- to reject with disdain.
  76. Spangle- adorn with glittery objects.
  77. Spandex- a synthetic fiber.
  78. Spectacle- a public display.
  79. Spurge- a type of plant.
  80. Spitzer- a pointed bullet.
  81. Spillway- a structure for controlled water release.
  82. Sprig- a small branch.
  83. Spout- a tube or lip for pouring liquid.
  84. Spool- a device for winding thread.
  85. Spatula- a tool for spreading or mixing foods.
  86. Spate- a large number of events.
  87. Spiritual- relating to the spirit or soul.
  88. Spinal- relating to the spine.
  89. Spigot- a tap.
  90. Spiced- flavored with spices.
  91. Sponge- absorbent material.
  92. Spitting- forcibly ejecting saliva.
  93. Sputter- to emit with noise.
  94. Spanish- relating to Spain.
  95. Spandex- elastic fiber.
  96. Spunky- courageous.
  97. Splice- join together.
  98. Sparrow- a type of small bird.
  99. Spoon- eating utensil.
  100. Spicy- flavored with spice.

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