Spanish Words That Start With K: Expand Your Vocabulary

Discover a variety of Spanish words that start with the letter ‘K’ as we list them out for you to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Kilómetro- Kilometer (unit of length).
  2. Kilo- Kilo, refers to kilogram.
  3. Karate- Karate (martial art).
  4. Kiosko- Kiosk (a small store or structure).
  5. Kayak- Kayak (a type of canoe).
  6. Kiwi- Kiwi (fruit or bird).
  7. Karma- Karma (concept of action and reaction).
  8. Karaoke- Karaoke (interactive entertainment).
  9. Kéfir- Kefir (fermented milk drink).
  10. Kitsch- Kitsch (art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste).
  11. Kamikaze- Kamikaze (suicidal attack).
  12. Kimono- Kimono (traditional Japanese garment).
  13. Ketchup- Ketchup (tomato-based condiment).
  14. Kurdo- Kurd (referring to Kurdish people).
  15. Keniano- Kenyan (pertaining to Kenya or its people).
  16. Karateca- Karateka (person who practices karate).
  17. Knockout- Knockout (defeat in boxing where opponent is unable to rise).
  18. Kilovatio- Kilowatt (unit of power).
  19. Kanji- Kanji (Japanese characters).
  20. Kilates- Karats (measure of purity for gold).
  21. Kremlin- Kremlin (Russian citadel).
  22. Kafkiano- Kafkaesque (absurdly complex or illogical).
  23. Kuwaití- Kuwaiti (pertaining to Kuwait or its people).
  24. Kiloamperio- Kiloampere (unit of electric current).
  25. Kirsch- Kirsch (cherry brandy).
  26. Kit- Kit (set of articles or equipment).
  27. Kaftán- Kaftan (long flowing garment).
  28. Krill- Krill (small crustaceans).
  29. Knockear- To knock out (in boxing).
  30. Karatista- Karate practitioner.
  31. Kárate- Another spelling of “karate”.
  32. Képsilon- Kappa (the letter K in the Greek alphabet).
  33. Kosovar- Kosovar (pertaining to Kosovo or its people).
  34. Kantiano- Kantian (relating to the philosophy of Immanuel Kant).
  35. Kan- Khan (title for a ruler in Mongol and Turkic).
  36. Kazajo- Kazakh (pertaining to Kazakhstan or its people).
  37. Kaki- Khaki (color or type of fabric).
  38. King- size** – King size (large-sized, usually referring to beds).
  39. Kermés- Fair or bazaar.
  40. Káiser- Kaiser (German emperor).
  41. Karakul- Karakul (breed of domestic sheep).
  42. Kilolitro- Kiloliter (unit of volume).
  43. Kurdistaní- Kurdish, from Kurdistan.
  44. Kaki- Persimmon (type of fruit).

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