Spanish Words That Start With Q: Expand Your Vocabulary Today

Discover the variety of Spanish words that start with the letter ‘Q’ and expand your vocabulary with some unique examples.

  1. Que- *That*
  2. Quien- *Who*
  3. Quiero- *I want*
  4. Querido- *Dear (as in a letter), beloved*
  5. Quince- *Fifteen*
  6. Química- *Chemistry*
  7. Qualquier- *Any, whichever*
  8. Quebrar- *To break*
  9. Quizás- *Perhaps, maybe*
  10. Quinceañera- *Fifteenth birthday celebration*
  11. Queja- *Complaint*
  12. Querella- *Lawsuit, quarrel*
  13. Quita- *Removal*
  14. Quedar- *To stay, to remain*
  15. Quinto- *Fifth*
  16. Quimera- *Chimera, fantasy*
  17. Quiso- *He/she wanted*
  18. Quisiera- *I would like*
  19. Querubín- *Cherub*
  20. Quincenal- *Bi-weekly*
  21. Quetzal- *Central American bird; currency of Guatemala*
  22. Quiniela- *Pool, bet, lottery*
  23. Quieto- *Still, quiet*
  24. Quisquilloso- *Picky, fussy*
  25. Quechua- *A language spoken by some indigenous peoples of South America*
  26. Quinoa- *A grain crop grown for its edible seeds*
  27. Quitaesmalte- *Nail polish remover*
  28. Quilombo- *Mess, disorder (colloquial)*
  29. Quina- *Type of tree native to South America; its bark is used in tonics*
  30. Quiste- *Cyst*
  31. Quirófano- *Operating room*
  32. Quina- *Chinchona, a medicinal plant*
  33. Quepis- *A type of cap*
  34. Quermes- *Kermes (a type of insect), celebration*
  35. Quina- *Cinchona tree, the bark of which is used to make quinine*
  36. Quitina- *Chitin, a structural element in the exoskeleton of crustaceans*
  37. Quimerista- *One who deals with fantasies or chimeras*
  38. Quinteto- *Quintet*
  39. Quilombo- *Brothel; mess, noisy gathering (colloquial in some regions)*
  40. Quaderno- *Notebook*
  41. Quintal- *Measure of weight; backyard*
  42. Quillotrar- *To create a disturbance or mess*
  43. Querendón- *Affectionate*
  44. Quintuplicar- *To quintuple*
  45. Quimono- *Kimono (from Japanese, used in Spanish)*
  46. Quinoa- *A species of goosefoot, valued for its nutritional seeds*
  47. Quindío- *A department in Colombia*
  48. Quiromancia- *Palmistry*
  49. Quirúrgico- *Surgical*
  50. Quincho- *Type of open-air shelter made of branches and leaves*
  51. Quinua- *Another term for quinoa*
  52. Quelonio- *Turtle*
  53. Quico- *Cheeky, lively (colloquial)*
  54. Quinafero- *Person who sells or collects cinchona bark*
  55. Quintil- *Statistical term referring to any of five equal groups into which a population can be divided*
  56. Queratina- *Keratin*
  57. Quevedos- *Eyeglasses (historically referring to a style reminiscent of those worn by the Spanish writer Francisco de Quevedo)*
  58. Quassia- *A genus of flowering plants in the quassia family*
  59. Quinario- *Quinary*
  60. Quarzo- *Quartz*
  61. Quejumbroso- *Complaining, whining*
  62. Querencia- *Affection, beloved place*
  63. Quiza- *Maybe*
  64. Quejicoso- *Whiny*
  65. Quetzalcoatl- *Mesoamerican deity represented as a feathered serpent*
  66. Quepis- *Officer’s cap, kepi*
  67. Quignón- *Chunk or thick piece of bread*
  68. Querella- *Dispute, legal complaint*
  69. Quijotesco- *Quixotic, idealistic and impractical like Don Quixote*
  70. Quelonio- *Relating to turtles*
  71. Quelato- *Chelate, a type of chemical compound*
  72. Quinterno- *Notebook*
  73. Quejumbre- *Complaint, lament*
  74. Quilla- *Keel of a ship*
  75. Quejumbroso- *Gloomy, plaintive*
  76. Quelite- *Edible herbs or greens commonly used in Mexican cuisine*
  77. Quelation- *The formation of chelates*
  78. Quintanar- *Frequent, recurring*
  79. Quantico- *Quantum-related, or referring to Quantico, Virginia*
  80. Queule- *Type of tree indigenous to Chile*
  81. Quieta- *Still, calm (feminine)*
  82. Quinasa- *Kinase, an enzyme*
  83. Quinteor- *Quintuplet bearer (rarely used)*
  84. Quelonio- *Turtle-like or referring to the turtle family*
  85. Queuterio- *A name or a designation stemming from ‘queuter’ (no specific meaning in Spanish)*
  86. Quintalón- *A lot or batch, especially in trade or merchandise terms*
  87. Queratoplastía- *Keratoplasty, surgical procedure on the cornea*
  88. Quilates- *Karats (measurement of gold purity)*
  89. Quepi- *Single kepi, cap*
  90. Quid- *The essence or main point of an argument*
  91. Quinesiolgia- *Kinesiology, the scientific study of human movement*
  92. Quididad- *Quiddity, the essence of something*
  93. Quintero- *A person from Quinto (place name)*
  94. Quisquilla- *Prone to getting annoyed or angry easily*
  95. Quehaceres- *Chores*
  96. Queratósico- *Keratosic, pertaining to keratosis*
  97. Quiloso- *Chalky, containing or resembling chalk*
  98. Quintales- *Hundreds (weight measurement)*
  99. Quelante- *Chelating, relating to chelation*
  100. Quillay- *Soap bark tree, native to Chile, used for its soap-like properties*

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