Spanish Words That Start With W: A List and Usage Tips

Discover a selection of Spanish words that start with the letter ‘W’ and learn their meanings and uses.

  1. Wagneriano- relating to Wagner or his musical compositions.
  2. Walkie- talkie** – portable two-way radio.
  3. Walkman- portable music player brand.
  4. Waterpolo- water polo, a team water sport.
  5. Web- short for World Wide Web.
  6. Webcam- video camera that streams its image in real time.
  7. Webmaster- person responsible for maintaining a website.
  8. Western- genre of films typically set in the American Old West.
  9. Whisky- distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash.
  10. Wifi- technology for wireless local area networking.
  11. Windsurf- sport involving a surfboard with a sail.
  12. Windsurfista- person who practices windsurfing.
  13. Wolframio- tungsten, a chemical element.
  14. Wombat- short-legged, muscular marsupial native to Australia.
  15. Wrapper- covering or wrapper, often used in technology contexts.
  16. Wrestling- a combat sport involving grappling techniques.
  17. Wushu- a martial art and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts.

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