Spanish Words That Start With X: Boost Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of Spanish words that start with the letter X and their meanings in this informative article.

  1. Xenofobia- Fear or dislike of foreigners.
  2. Xenón- A chemical element (Neon).
  3. Xilófono- A musical instrument with wooden bars that are struck to produce sounds.
  4. Xilografía- Art of engraving on wood.
  5. Xoloitzcuintle- A breed of hairless dog native to Mexico.
  6. Xenotransplante- Transplant from a different species.
  7. Xenogénesis- The supposed generation of offspring completely different from either parent.
  8. Xerofilia- Adaptation to very dry environments.
  9. Xeroftalmia- A medical condition in which the eye fails to produce tears.
  10. Xerojardinería- Landscaping designed to reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water.
  11. Xerocopiar- To photocopy.
  12. Xilófago- Wood-eating, typically referring to certain insects.
  13. Xilosa- A sugar extracted from wood.
  14. Xueta- A term referring to descendants of Majorcan Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity.
  15. Xingón- Mexican slang, roughly equivalent to “awesome” or “tough.”
  16. Xantoma- Yellowish deposit of cholesterol under the skin.
  17. Xantófila- A yellow coloring matter found in certain plants.
  18. Xenófilo- An individual who is attracted to foreign cultures.
  19. Xenófobo- Person exhibiting xenophobia.
  20. Xilol- A solvent derived from coal tar.
  21. Xilosa- Describes various carbohydrates.
  22. Xinca- Language spoken by the Xinca people of Guatemala.
  23. Xero- Prefix related to dry environments.
  24. Xileno- A hydrocarbon commonly used as a solvent in the printing, rubber, and leather industries.
  25. Xiclano- Relating to a group of indigenous people in Mexico.
  26. Xilocaína- A brand of lidocaine, an anesthetic.
  27. Xifoide- Relating to the xiphoid process, the lower part of the sternum.
  28. Xenocrisia- The insertion of a word or phrase from one language into a sentence of another language.
  29. Xerófito- A plant adapted to grow in dry conditions.
  30. Xifias- A genus of swordfish.

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