Spanish Words That Start With Y: Enhance Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of Spanish words that start with the letter ‘Y’ and their meanings in this informative article.

  1. Ya- Already
  2. Yate- Yacht
  3. Yegua- Mare
  4. Yema- Yolk
  5. Yermo- Barren
  6. Yeso- Plaster
  7. Yodo- Iodine
  8. Yoga- Yoga
  9. Yogur- Yogurt
  10. Yugo- Yoke
  11. Yunque- Anvil
  12. Yunta- Team (of oxen)
  13. Yuxtaponer- To juxtapose
  14. Yacer- To lie down
  15. Yeguada- Stud farm
  16. Yelmo- Helmet
  17. Yema (de dedo)- Fingertip
  18. Yermo (terreno)- Wasteland
  19. Yerno- Son-in-law
  20. Yesca- Tinder
  21. Yodar- To iodize
  22. Yuxtaposición- Juxtaposition
  23. Yo- I (first-person singular)
  24. Yesquero- Tinderbox
  25. Yoduro- Iodide
  26. Yate de vela- Sailing yacht
  27. Yeísmo- Linguistic phenomenon where “ll” and “y” sounds are pronounced the same
  28. Yodista- Person who applies iodine
  29. Yapa- Small extra addition
  30. Yuyero- Herbalist
  31. Yate club- Yacht club
  32. Yodado- Iodized
  33. Yugada- Yoked team
  34. Yodurar- To treat with iodine
  35. Yotro- Another
  36. Yaguareté- Jaguar (in some regions)
  37. Yuca- Cassava
  38. Yurta- Yurt
  39. Yak- Yak
  40. Yeísta- Person who pronounces “ll” and “y” the same
  41. Yugo eslavo- Slavic yoke
  42. Yolanda- Female given name, equivalent to Yolande
  43. Yacimiento- Deposit (geology, archaeology)
  44. Yeguizo- Pertaining to mares
  45. Yodífero- Containing iodine
  46. Yugular- Jugular
  47. Yusera- Type of shrubbery
  48. Yuyo- Weed
  49. Yecora- Place name in various Spanish-speaking countries
  50. Yaco- Parrot, especially the African Grey Parrot
  51. Yanqui- Yankee
  52. Yodofobia- Fear of iodine
  53. Yerbatero- Herbalist, tea seller
  54. Yeta- Bad luck
  55. Yezgo- Slender twig
  56. Yatay- Type of palm tree
  57. Yerbero- Another term for herbalist
  58. Yoloxóchitl- Heart flower, used in traditional medicine
  59. Yokozuna- Sumo wrestling champion (loanword from Japanese)
  60. Yunquear- To work with an anvil
  61. Yerbato- Herbal tea
  62. Yerga- Hill or mound
  63. Yuyal- Weed-infested place
  64. Yuxtapuesto- Juxtaposed
  65. Yaísta- Variant speaker who blends “ll” and “y” sounds
  66. Yautía- Taro, a type of root vegetable
  67. Yauta- Adult male yautía
  68. Yungas- Tropical forest region in South America
  69. Yayabero- Person from Yayabo, an area in Cuba
  70. Yama- Term in yoga representing a set of moral virtues
  71. Yuppie- Young upwardly-mobile professional (loanword from English)
  72. Yente- Gossipy person (loanword from Yiddish)
  73. Yanomami- Indigenous people from the Amazon rainforest
  74. Yerbaje- Herbaceous vegetation
  75. Yeoman- Small farmer (loanword from English)
  76. Yurumí- South American tapir
  77. Yoduro de potasio- Potassium iodide
  78. Yipao- Traditional Jeep parade in Colombia
  79. Yarará- Type of viper found in South America
  80. Yoguismo- Practice or philosophy of yoga
  81. Yaque- Fish species found in parts of the Caribbean
  82. Yesoso- Full of plaster
  83. yema (en botánica)- Bud (in botany)
  84. Yumbina- Substance used as a sexual stimulant
  85. Yecto- In yacht terminology, a particular maneuver
  86. Yoyó- Yo-yo
  87. Yirar- To whirl, used in some regions
  88. Yeguada (animal)- Collection of mares
  89. Yonic- Pertaining to female genitalia (adaptation from English)
  90. Yerbajo- Area full of herbs or weeds
  91. Yacaré- Type of caiman
  92. Yagán- Indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego
  93. Yorar- Variation of llorar, to cry, used in some dialects
  94. Yucayeque- Name for indigenous villages in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
  95. Yergue- Third person singular present indicative of yerguir, to stand up
  96. Yutista- Yo-yo expert
  97. Yatagán- Sword or knife with a curved blade (loanword from Turkish)
  98. Yoyeur- Variant of voyeur (loanword from French)
  99. Yíkaro- Magical song or chant in Amazonian shamanism
  100. Yantas- Tires (used in some dialects)

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