Spanish Words with W: A Guide to Understanding Their Usage and Origins

Discover the unique and intriguing Spanish words that contain the letter ‘W’ and their meanings in this insightful article.

  1. Whisky- Whiskey
  2. Web- Web (internet)
  3. Wifi- Wireless internet
  4. Watt- Watt (unit of power)
  5. Western- Western (related to the western genre or western culture)
  6. Wok- Wok (cooking pan)
  7. Waterpolo- Water polo (sport)
  8. Windsurf- Windsurfing (sport)
  9. Website- Website
  10. Wolverine- Wolverine (animal)
  11. Washington- Washington (state or capital in the USA)
  12. Workshop- Workshop (a meeting or seminar)
  13. Widget- Widget (a small gadget or device)
  14. Wifi- Wi-Fi (internet connectivity standard)
  15. Wáter- Toilet (slang)
  16. Whopper- Whopper (large thing, often a hamburger)
  17. Walkman- Walkman (portable music player)
  18. Webcam- Webcam (video camera for computers)
  19. Winch- Winch (mechanical device for pulling)
  20. Waffle- Waffle (food)
  21. Walkie- talkie – Walkie-talkie (portable two-way radio)
  22. Warner- As in Warner Bros
  23. Whiskey- Whiskey
  24. Wallaby- Wallaby (a marsupial)
  25. West- West
  26. Wrap- Wrap (food, coverage)
  27. Wifi- Wi-Fi
  28. Windsor- Windsor (type of knot or Castle)
  29. Wellington- Wellington (type of boot or Duke)
  30. Whisky- Whisky
  31. Woolworth- Woolworth (retail company)
  32. Wildcat- Wildcat (animal or strike action)
  33. Wrangler- Wrangler (jeans brand or a person who tends animals)
  34. Wallpaper- Wallpaper
  35. Wing- Wing (part of a building or bird’s limb)
  36. Windsor- Windsor tie
  37. Wallop- To hit hard
  38. Wattmetro- Wattmeter (device measuring electrical power)
  39. Workflow- Workflow (sequence of processes)
  40. Wetback- Offensive term for an illegal immigrant
  41. Windsor- Type of tie knot
  42. Wax- Wax
  43. Weightlifting- Weightlifting (sport)
  44. Wrestling- Wrestling (sport)
  45. Word- Word
  46. Wrestling- Wrestling
  47. Widget- Small gadget
  48. Wifi- WiFi
  49. Whisky- Whisky
  50. Whist- Whist (card game)
  51. Waterproof- Waterproof
  52. WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network
  53. Wasabi- Wasabi (Japanese condiment)
  54. Wordplay- Wordplay
  55. Watermelon- Watermelon
  56. Weekend- Weekend
  57. Whitewash- Whitewash
  58. Wigwam- Wigwam (a type of dwelling)
  59. Wrinkle- Wrinkle
  60. Wrapper- Wrapper
  61. Workshop- Workshop
  62. Walkover- Walkover (easy victory)
  63. Wallpaper- Wallpaper
  64. Warehouse- Warehouse
  65. Warrant- Warrant
  66. Wharf- Wharf (a loading platform)
  67. Whey- Whey (a byproduct of cheese production)
  68. Whisper- Whisper
  69. Whistle- Whistle
  70. White- White
  71. Whopper- Whopper
  72. Whirlpool- Whirlpool
  73. Whisker- Whisker
  74. Whiskey- Whiskey
  75. Wheel- Wheel
  76. Wheelchair- Wheelchair
  77. When- When (an English loanword in some contexts)
  78. Where- Where (an English loanword)
  79. Whether- Whether (an English loanword)
  80. Which- Which (an English loanword)
  81. White- White (an English loanword)
  82. Why- Why (an English loanword)
  83. Window- Window (an English loanword)
  84. Wireless- Wireless
  85. Wizard- Wizard
  86. Woman- Woman (used in feminism discussions)
  87. Work- Work
  88. World- World
  89. Worth- Worth
  90. Wow- Exclamation of astonishment or admiration
  91. Wrench- Wrench (tool)
  92. Wristwatch- Wristwatch
  93. Website- Website
  94. Western- Western
  95. Wallpaper- Wallpaper
  96. Worm- Worm
  97. Whisper- Whisper
  98. Wallet- Wallet
  99. Wonder- Wonder
  100. Wrap- Wrap

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