Things That Start With J: List for All Ages

Looking to boost your vocabulary or spark some creativity?

  1. Jacket- A garment for the upper body.
  2. Jaguar- A large wild cat.
  3. Jam- A fruit preserve.
  4. Jar- A cylindrical container.
  5. Javelin- A light spear used in sports.
  6. Jeans- Durable pants made of denim.
  7. Jelly- A semitransparent fruit spread.
  8. Jellyfish- A marine creature with a gelatinous body.
  9. Jigsaw- A tool used for cutting complex shapes.
  10. Jug- A large container for liquids.
  11. Juice- Liquid extracted from fruits or vegetables.
  12. Junction- A meeting point of roads or railways.
  13. Jungle- A dense tropical forest.
  14. Juniper- A type of shrub or tree.
  15. Jury- A group of people to give a verdict in a legal case.
  16. Jack- A device used to lift heavy loads.
  17. Jackal- A wild dog found in Africa and Asia.
  18. Jackhammer- A heavy-duty drill.
  19. Jasmine- A fragrant flower.
  20. Javelin- A long spear for throwing in athletics.
  21. Jab- A quick, sharp blow.
  22. Jacuzzi- A brand of hot tub.
  23. Jade- A green mineral used as a gemstone.
  24. Jail- A place for the confinement of criminals.
  25. Jargon- Specialized language for a profession.
  26. Jasmine- A climbing plant with fragrant flowers.
  27. Jabberwocky- Nonsensical language.
  28. Jammer- A device that blocks signals.
  29. Jamboree- A large celebration or party.
  30. Jackfruit- A large tropical fruit.
  31. Jackpot- A large cash prize in gambling.
  32. Jocund- Cheerful and lighthearted.
  33. Jock- A sporty person.
  34. Jocular- Fond of joking.
  35. Jowl- The lower part of the face.
  36. Joule- A unit of energy.
  37. Joy- A feeling of great pleasure.
  38. Justice- Just behavior or treatment.
  39. Jewel- A precious stone.
  40. Jump- Propelling oneself off the ground.
  41. Jupiter- The largest planet in the Solar System.
  42. Jester- A professional joker or fool.
  43. Jury- A group of people deciding a case.
  44. Jute- A type of plant fiber.
  45. Juncture- A particular point in events.
  46. Jell- To set or become firmer.
  47. Jammed- Stuck or wedged.
  48. Jittery- Nervous or unable to relax.
  49. Joint- A point where parts connect.
  50. Jamb- A side post of a doorframe.
  51. Jingle- A catchy song or tune.
  52. Jovial- Cheerful and friendly.
  53. Jarhead- A colloquial term for a US Marine.
  54. Jumpy- Nervous and easily startled.
  55. Junket- A trip made for pleasure.
  56. Jockstrap- An athletic supporter.
  57. Jungle- gym – Playground equipment for climbing.
  58. Jumble- A chaotic mixture.
  59. Jot- To write briefly or hastily.
  60. Jerky- Dried meat, usually beef.
  61. Jury- rig – To make a temporary repair.
  62. Jettison- To throw goods overboard.
  63. Jukebox- A machine playing selected music.
  64. Joust- A medieval sport with knights.
  65. Jolting- Moving in a series of sharp jerks.
  66. Junctive- Of or relating to a junction.
  67. Junta- A military or political group ruling a country.
  68. Juxtapose- To place close together for contrast.
  69. Jackrabbit- A type of hare.
  70. Jaywalk- To cross the street illegally.
  71. Jeer- To mock or deride.
  72. Jeopardy- Risk of loss or harm.
  73. Joist- A beam supporting a floor or ceiling.
  74. Jubilee- A special anniversary.
  75. Juggernaut- A massive, unstoppable force.
  76. Jumpy- Nervous and jittery.
  77. Juror- A member of a jury.
  78. Junctional- Relating to a junction.
  79. Julep- A sweet drink or medicinal syrup.
  80. Judicious- Having good judgment.
  81. Jerk- To make sudden quick movements.
  82. Jess- A short strap on a bird’s leg.
  83. Jinx- A person or thing bringing bad luck.
  84. Jovian- Relating to the planet Jupiter.
  85. Jumble- A confused mixture.
  86. Jock- A support garment for men.
  87. Jeroboam- A large wine bottle.
  88. Jackknife- A folding knife.
  89. Jackpot- A large prize.
  90. Jiggly- Moving or shaking slightly.
  91. Jug- A container for liquids.
  92. Jigsaw- A puzzle.
  93. Joggle- To shake or jolt slightly.
  94. Jamb- A side post or surface of a doorway.
  95. Jam- pack – To fill tightly.
  96. Jat- A member of a traditionally agricultural community in India.
  97. Jetty- A structure extending into a sea, lake, or river to influence currents or protect a harbor.
  98. Januaries- Plural of January.
  99. Jambalaya- A spicy dish of rice and meat.
  100. Jodhpurs- Riding pants.

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