Things That Start With K: A Curated List

In this article, you’ll discover a variety of interesting things that start with the letter K.

  1. Kangaroo- A large Australian marsupial.
  2. Kale- A type of leafy green vegetable.
  3. Kayak- A small, narrow boat used for paddling.
  4. Kernel- The innermost part of a seed or grain.
  5. Kettle- A container used for boiling liquids.
  6. Key- A device used to open locks.
  7. Kite- A lightweight frame covered with paper or cloth, flown in the wind.
  8. Knapsack- A type of backpack.
  9. Knee- The joint between the thigh and the lower leg.
  10. Knife- A tool with a cutting edge.
  11. Knob- A round handle or control on a door or device.
  12. Knot- A fastening made by tying a piece of string or rope.
  13. Koala- An arboreal Australian marsupial.
  14. Kiosk- A small, open-fronted hut or cubicle.
  15. Kitten- A young cat.
  16. Keyboard- A set of keys used to operate a computer or musical instrument.
  17. Kiln- An oven or furnace for firing pottery.
  18. Ketchup- A tangy tomato-based sauce.
  19. Kelp- Large brown seaweed.
  20. Kimono- A traditional Japanese garment.
  21. Kiosk- An open-fronted booth for selling goods.
  22. Kilt- A knee-length skirt with pleats at the back, traditionally worn by men in Scotland.
  23. Koi- A type of colorful fish often found in garden ponds.
  24. Karaoke- A form of entertainment where people sing along to recorded music.
  25. Kettle- A container or device for boiling water.
  26. Karate- A martial art developed in Japan.
  27. Kidney- An organ in the body that filters waste from the blood.
  28. Kite- A toy flown in the wind.
  29. Knit- To make fabric by interlocking loops of yarn.
  30. Knock- To strike a surface noisily to attract attention.
  31. Krill- Small crustaceans found in oceans, a primary food source for many marine animals.
  32. Kaleidoscope- A toy that produces changing patterns of color.
  33. Keepsake- A small item kept in memory of the person who gave it or originally owned it.
  34. Kingdom- A country or territory ruled by a king or queen.
  35. Knowledge- Information, understanding, or skill obtained through education or experience.
  36. Kernel- The soft, edible part of a nut or seed.
  37. Kang- A Chinese raised platform or bed-stove.
  38. Keel- The longitudinal structure along the centerline of a boat or ship.
  39. Kilogram- A unit of mass equal to 1,000 grams.
  40. Kilometer- A metric unit of measurement equal to 1,000 meters.
  41. Kit- A set of materials or tools for a specific purpose.
  42. Kookaburra- A large kingfisher native to Australia, known for its laugh-like call.
  43. Knuckle- The joints in a human finger.
  44. Kabbalah- A mystical and esoteric school of thought in Judaism.
  45. Keystone- The central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place.
  46. Knickers- British term for women’s underpants.
  47. Kabob- Skewered meat and vegetables grilled or roasted.
  48. Kerchief- A piece of fabric worn around the neck or head.
  49. Kilobyte- A unit of computer memory or data, approximately 1,024 bytes.
  50. Kid- A young goat or a child.
  51. Kudzu- A fast-growing vine native to East Asia, often considered invasive in the U.S.
  52. Kiosk- A small structure for selling newspapers or snacks.
  53. Kneecap- The round, flat bone in front of the knee joint.
  54. Kaleidoscope- A tube with mirrors containing loose colored objects.
  55. Kingfisher- A bird known for its bright colors and ability to catch fish.
  56. Krait- A venomous snake found in South and Southeast Asia.
  57. Kinesiology- The study of body movement.
  58. Krypton- A chemical element with the symbol Kr.
  59. Kitsch- Art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste.
  60. Kendo- A modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting.
  61. Kernel- Core or most important part of something.
  62. Kurta- A traditional South Asian long shirt.
  63. Kudzu- A quick-growing vine from Japan.
  64. Kiteboard- A board used in kite surfing.
  65. Knead- To massage or manipulate dough.
  66. Kettlebell- A cast-iron or cast steel weight used in exercises.
  67. Kumaon- A region in the Indian Himalayas.
  68. Kora- A West African string instrument.
  69. Kush- A strain of cannabis.
  70. Kiwi- A small flightless bird native to New Zealand.
  71. Kaftan- A long, loose garment with long sleeves.
  72. Kook- A slang term for someone acting crazy.
  73. Kayak- A small watercraft.
  74. Kup- A Yiddish term for head.
  75. Katana- A traditional Japanese sword.
  76. Kookery- The practice of eccentric behavior.
  77. Kickstand- A device on bicycles for propping up the bike.
  78. Kibble- Ground meal shaped into pellets, usually for pet food.
  79. Kerfuffle- A commotion or fuss.
  80. Kudos- Praise and honor received for an achievement.
  81. Kansan- A resident of Kansas.
  82. Kudoc- Cryptocurrency designed for fashion loyalty.
  83. Killjoy- Someone who spoils the fun of others.
  84. Kidnap- To take someone away illegally by force.
  85. Kinship- Blood relation or close connection.
  86. Kiln- Furnace for baking ceramics.
  87. Kookiness- The state of being eccentric.
  88. Kibbutz- A communal settlement in Israel.
  89. Koan- A paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism.
  90. Knockout- A punch that renders an opponent unable to continue fighting.
  91. Kris- An Indonesian or Malay ceremonial dagger.
  92. Kbc- A wheat variety.
  93. Kie- An innovative company for AI.
  94. Kleptomania- A recurrent urge to steal.
  95. Kauri- A type of tree native to New Zealand.
  96. Keening- A traditional form of vocal lamentation.
  97. Kollum- An interesting place.
  98. Khazi- Slang for toilet, chiefly British.
  99. Knout- A whip used for punishment in historical Russia.
  100. Kinetic- Related to motion.

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