Things that Start with V: List and Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of things that start with the letter V, from common everyday items to fascinating objects and concepts.

  1. Vacuum- A space devoid of matter.
  2. Valley- A low area between hills or mountains.
  3. Vase- A container used for holding flowers.
  4. Velvet- A soft, luxurious fabric.
  5. Violin- A string instrument played with a bow.
  6. Volcano- A mountain with a crater that erupts lava.
  7. Vanilla- A flavor derived from orchids.
  8. Vampire- A mythical creature that drinks blood.
  9. Vulture- A large bird that feeds on carrion.
  10. Village- A small community or group of houses.
  11. Vehicle- A means of transportation.
  12. Vest- A sleeveless garment worn over a shirt.
  13. Viking- A Scandinavian seafarer from the medieval times.
  14. Violet- A type of flowering plant; also a shade of purple.
  15. Visa- An endorsement on a passport allowing entry.
  16. Vine- A climbing plant.
  17. Vault- An arched structure or a secure room for valuables.
  18. Vortex- A whirlpool or whirlwind of fluid or air.
  19. Vinyl- A synthetic plastic material.
  20. Vaccine- A biological preparation for immunization.
  21. Vulture- A scavenging bird.
  22. Vertigo- A sensation of dizziness or spinning.
  23. Vandal- A person who intentionally damages property.
  24. Vacation- A period of time for rest or travel.
  25. Vocabulary- The set of words in a language.
  26. Volunteer- A person who offers service willingly.
  27. Venue- A place where events occur.
  28. Verdict- A decision reached by a jury in a legal case.
  29. Verse- A line of poetry.
  30. Vineyard- A plantation of grapevines.
  31. Velcro- A fabric fastener with hooks and loops.
  32. Vendor- A seller of goods or services.
  33. Velvet- A soft fabric with a short, dense pile.
  34. Voucher- A document that can be redeemed for services.
  35. Vitamin- Organic compounds essential for normal growth.
  36. Velocity- The speed and direction of an object.
  37. Victory- Success in a contest or conflict.
  38. Valet- An attendant who parks cars or assists with personal services.
  39. Vessel- A container for holding liquids, or a ship.
  40. Vintage- Relating to high-quality, aged items, particularly wine.
  41. Vortex- A spiral motion in fluids.
  42. Verdict- The determination at the end of a legal trial.
  43. Vent- An opening for air passage.
  44. Vanish- To disappear suddenly.
  45. Vanilla- A flavor obtained from orchids.
  46. Vocational- Related to an occupation or employment.
  47. Vivacious- Lively and spirited.
  48. Vibrant- Full of energy and enthusiasm.
  49. Visor- A protective shield for eyes.
  50. Vernal- Related to spring.
  51. Virtue- High moral standards.
  52. Varnish- A protective finish for wood.
  53. Vegetation- Plant life in an area.
  54. Vow- A solemn promise.
  55. Vinegar- A sour liquid used for seasoning.
  56. Ventilation- The process of providing fresh air.
  57. Vivid- Bright, distinct, and intense.
  58. Vigilance- The action of keeping a careful watch.
  59. Velocity- The rate at which something moves.
  60. Verge- The edge or border.
  61. Viability- Ability to work successfully.
  62. Veil- A piece of fabric worn over the face.
  63. Volume- The amount of space an object occupies.
  64. Village- A small settlement.
  65. Velvet- Soft, luxurious fabric.
  66. Veteran- A person with long experience.
  67. Vocal- Relating to the voice.
  68. Viaduct- A type of long bridge.
  69. Variance- The state of being different.
  70. Viper- A venomous snake.
  71. Valuation- An estimation of worth.
  72. Venture- A risky undertaking.
  73. Vista- A pleasing view.
  74. Vocalist- A singer.
  75. Votive- Offered in fulfillment of a vow.
  76. Vicinity- The surrounding area.
  77. Viscous- Having a thick consistency.
  78. Velocity- Speed in a given direction.
  79. Venture- A risky or daring journey.
  80. Validate- To confirm or prove the truth.
  81. Vegetarian- A person who does not eat meat.
  82. Vineyard- Place where grapevines are planted.
  83. Variant- A form or version of something.
  84. Vibrate- To move rapidly back and forth.
  85. Vigil- A period of watchful attention.
  86. Virulent- Extremely harmful or poisonous.
  87. Vivarium- An enclosure for keeping animals/plants.
  88. Vex- To annoy or frustrate.
  89. Vermillion- A bright red color.
  90. Valor- Courage in the face of danger.
  91. Vitamin- Essential nutrients.
  92. Vibration- Rapid movement back and forth.
  93. Vault- An arched structure forming a roof.
  94. Voucher- Proof of a transaction or entitlement.
  95. Volume- Quantity of three-dimensional space.
  96. Vortex- Spiraling motion of fluid or air.
  97. Velocity- Speed with direction.
  98. Vacuum- Space with no matter.
  99. Vigorous- Strong and energetic.
  100. Verification- The process of establishing truth.

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