vo words: A Helpful List to Improve Your Vocabulary

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words starting with “vo” to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Vocal- relating to the human voice.
  2. Vocation- a person’s employment or main occupation.
  3. Vocalize- to produce sound with the voice.
  4. Vocabulary- the body of words used in a particular language.
  5. Volcano- a mountain with a crater through which lava erupts.
  6. Volatile- liable to change rapidly and unpredictably.
  7. Volunteer- a person who freely offers to take part in something.
  8. Volume- the amount of space that a substance or object occupies.
  9. Volley- a burst of voice or shots often emitted at the same time.
  10. Volt- a unit of electric potential.
  11. Voltage- the electric potential difference between two points.
  12. Voluminous- large in volume or bulk.
  13. Voracious- having a huge appetite; very eager.
  14. Vortex- a whirling mass of fluid or air.
  15. Vote- a formal indication of choice between options.
  16. Voucher- a small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount.
  17. Vogue- the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time.
  18. Voyager- a person who goes on a long trip, especially by sea.
  19. Voicemail- an electronic system that stores and transmits spoken messages.
  20. Voiceless- without voice; silent.
  21. Votive- offered in fulfillment of a vow.
  22. Vortex- a whirling mass, especially of water or air.
  23. Volume- a book forming part of a work or series.
  24. Vogue- popular trend or fashion.
  25. Volition- the power of using one’s will.
  26. Voltaic- pertaining to or involving electric currents produced by chemical action.
  27. Volcanic- related to or produced by a volcano.
  28. Volcanology- the scientific study of volcanoes.
  29. Vorticity- the measure of the local rotation in a fluid flow.
  30. Voyeur- a person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.
  31. Voyage- a long journey involving travel by sea or in space.
  32. Void- not valid or legally binding.
  33. Vocalist- a singer, typically one who performs with a band.
  34. Volitional- relating to the use of one’s will.
  35. Volume- one of the books that form a series or set.
  36. Volatility- the tendency of a substance to vaporize.
  37. Volcanism- the phenomenon of volcanic activity.
  38. Volumetric- relating to the measurement of volume.
  39. Voracity- the quality of being very eager for something.
  40. Voices- the sounds produced by humans or machines.
  41. Voluptuous- relating to or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure.
  42. Votive- offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow.
  43. Voluntary- done or given willingly, without compulsion.
  44. Vocalization- the act of producing sound with the voice.
  45. Voltaism- an old term for electricity generated by chemical action.
  46. Voluntarism- the principle of relying on voluntary action.
  47. Volunteered- to freely offer to do something.
  48. Voluptuary- a person devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure.
  49. Vouchsafe- to grant or give something as a favor.
  50. Voltaic- relating to or producing electric current by chemical action.
  51. Vocalic- relating to vowel sounds.
  52. Voided- declared invalid.
  53. Volcanic- produced or caused by a volcano.
  54. Volar- relating to the palm of the hand or sole of the foot.
  55. Volitionary- relating to the power of making conscious decisions.
  56. Volcanic- of or pertaining to a volcano.
  57. Vocationed- suited or destined for a particular type of work.
  58. Vocality- the quality of being vocal.
  59. Volitive- expressing a wish or permission.
  60. Volarly- in a manner relating to the palm of the hand.
  61. Volatiles- substances that can easily become vapors or gases.
  62. Vowelize- to pronounce with or turn into a vowel sound.
  63. Vociferous- crying out noisily; clamorous.
  64. Volitional- relating to the use of one’s will power.
  65. Voluntaryism- the belief in or reliance on voluntary efforts.
  66. Voidance- the act of voiding or making void.
  67. Volumize- to increase the volume of something.
  68. Vortical- relating to a vortex.
  69. Vowel- a speech sound produced without blocking the breath channel.
  70. Vow- a solemn promise or assertion.
  71. Vocalness- the state of being vocal.
  72. Votive- offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow.
  73. Vortexed- moved in a swirling pattern.
  74. Volitionary- related to the power of choosing.
  75. Vacuum- a space devoid of matter.
  76. Voided- the state of having been made void.
  77. Vouching- asserting or confirming assuredly.
  78. Volitional- related to the process of making a choice.
  79. Volcanology- the science of studying volcanoes.
  80. Vortex- a spiral motion of fluid within a limited area.
  81. Volumic- relating to volume.
  82. Volosty- a historical territorial division in Russia.
  83. Vocable- a word, especially with reference to its form rather than its meaning.
  84. Volar- related to the palm or the sole.
  85. Volumetric- related to measurement by volume.
  86. Volubility- characterized by ready or rapid speech.
  87. Volvulus- a twisting of the intestine causing obstruction.
  88. Voluminously- in a large or expansive manner.
  89. Volitional- related to exercising one’s will.
  90. Vorticity- the state or quality of having a whirl.
  91. Vocalize- to give vocal expression.
  92. Volucrine- related to birds.
  93. Vought- granted or gave, especially as a privilege.
  94. Volubly- in a way that is fluent and easy.
  95. Vomitory- related to or causing vomiting.
  96. Volcanism- the phenomenon of eruption of molten rock on Earth’s surface.
  97. Volitionalism- theory emphasizing the power of the will.
  98. Vorticose- resembling a vortex.
  99. Votiveness- related to dedication in the fulfillment of a promise.
  100. Voiced- having a voice or vocal quality.

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