What Word Starts with N and Ends with Er: Answer and Examples

In this article, you will discover a variety of words that start with the letter ‘N’ and end with the letters ‘ER’.

  1. Namer- One who names.
  2. Natter- To talk casually, especially at length.
  3. Napper- One who takes naps.
  4. Narrower- Something that makes narrow.
  5. Necker- Informal term for someone who embraces.
  6. Nagger- Someone who constantly complains or criticizes.
  7. Notcher- A person or tool that makes notches.
  8. Neater- More tidy or orderly.
  9. Nester- A bird or animal that makes a nest.
  10. Nurturer- Someone who cares for and encourages growth.
  11. Nimbler- More quick and light in movement.
  12. Nogger- Informal term for someone who hits or strikes.
  13. Noodler- Someone who fishes with their hands, especially for catfish.
  14. Number- A mathematical unit or one in a series.
  15. Nether- Located beneath or below.
  16. Newer- More recent in time.

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