Winter Words That Start with L

In this article, you will discover a list of winter words that start with the letter ‘L’ to enrich your seasonal vocabulary.

  1. Luge- A small one- or two-person sled used for racing down an ice-covered track.
  2. Lumberjack- A person who cuts down trees for timber, often working in cold winter conditions.
  3. Longjohns- Warm underwear made of a soft material like cotton or wool, often worn in winter.
  4. Lantern- A portable light source used to illuminate paths in the dark winter nights.
  5. Log- A segment of a tree trunk used as firewood during winter.
  6. Layering- The process of wearing multiple layers of clothing to stay warm in winter.
  7. Lodge- A small house or cabin, often in a mountainous or wooded area, used for shelter in winter.
  8. Log cabin- A house made of logs, offering a cozy retreat during winter.
  9. Landslide- The movement of rock, earth, or snow down a slope, which can sometimes happen in winter.
  10. Leeward- The side sheltered from the wind, often a term used in alpine regions during winter.
  11. Lamp- A source of light, especially useful during the long, dark winter months.
  12. Luminescence- Emission of light by a substance, often seen in winter holiday decorations.
  13. Low temperature- Refers to the cold weather conditions typical of winter.
  14. Lip balm- A substance applied to keep lips moist and prevent chapping in cold winter air.
  15. Log fire- A fire made with logs to heat homes during the cold winter season.
  16. Lift- A mechanical device used to transport skiers and snowboarders up a mountain.
  17. Landslide- Mass movement of snow, often causing avalanches in winter.
  18. Lights- Decorative or functional illuminations often used during winter holidays.
  19. Lattice- Framework of crossed wood or metal strips, sometimes seen in winter gardens or structures.
  20. Lump- An irregular piece, often referring to pieces of coal or wood for winter fires.
  21. Lush- Dense growth of greenery, which can create beautiful winter scenes when covered in snow.
  22. Lynx- A wild cat with a thick fur coat that thrives in cold, snowy climates.
  23. Lag- To move slowly or delay, can refer to the slower pace of life in winter.
  24. Linger- To stay in a place longer than necessary, often enjoying the indoors during winter.
  25. Labyrinth- A complicated network of paths, which can be particularly challenging in winter snow.
  26. Lade- To load heavily, often referring to vehicles or equipment being prepared for winter use.
  27. Latitude- Geographic coordinate, impacts the severity and duration of winter weather.
  28. Levee- An embankment built to prevent flooding, critical in areas prone to winter floods.
  29. Lupine- A type of plant that certain species adapt to survive in cold winter climates.
  30. Lustre- A gentle sheen or soft glow, often describing snow under moonlight.
  31. Lichen- A composite organism growing on surfaces like trees and rocks, often visible in winter.
  32. Leisure- Time free from work or duties, often enjoyed by engaging in winter activities.
  33. Lushness- Refers to the abundant and rich growth of plants, even seen in some winter landscapes.
  34. Lair- A wild animal’s resting place, often found hidden in the snow during winter.
  35. Lumber- Wood prepared for building or firewood, crucial in winter for heating.

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