Words Beginning with Sal: Examples and Definitions

In this article, you’ll discover a variety of words that begin with “sal.

  1. Salad- A cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables.
  2. Salary- A regular payment, typically paid on a monthly or biweekly basis.
  3. Salient- Most noticeable or important.
  4. Saline- Containing or impregnated with salt.
  5. Salmon- A large fish that is commonly found in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  6. Saliva- Watery liquid secreted into the mouth by glands.
  7. Salvation- Preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.
  8. Salute- A gesture of respect, homage, or polite recognition.
  9. Salmonella- A type of bacteria that causes food poisoning.
  10. Salve- An ointment used to promote healing of the skin or as protection.
  11. Salamanca- A city in western Spain.
  12. Salt- A white crystalline substance used for seasoning and preserving food.
  13. Saloon- A place where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed.
  14. Salience- The quality of being particularly noticeable or important.
  15. Sally- A sudden charge out of a besieged place against the enemy.
  16. Salutation- A gesture or utterance made as a greeting or acknowledgment.
  17. Salter- One who salts meat or fish.
  18. Saltpeter- Another name for potassium nitrate, used in fertilizers and explosives.
  19. Sallow- Unhealthily yellow or pale brown face.
  20. Salacious- Having or conveying undue or inappropriate interest in sexual matters.
  21. Salvage- To rescue or save from wreckage or ruin.
  22. Salience- The state or condition of standing out distinctly.
  23. Salubrity- Promotion of health or well-being.
  24. Salver- A tray, typically one made of silver used in formal settings.
  25. Salvific- Leading to salvation.
  26. Saltest- Superlative form of salty.
  27. Saltwater- Water containing a significant amount of salt.
  28. Salsify- A plant with an edible root.
  29. Salud- Spanish word for health, commonly used as a toast.
  30. Salpingitis- Inflammation of the fallopian tubes.
  31. Salicylate- A salt or ester of salicylic acid.
  32. Salimeter- A device used to measure the concentration of salt in a solution.
  33. Salmonid- A fish of the salmon family.
  34. Salotto- Italian word for living room.
  35. Salpi- A prefix related to the fallopian tubes.
  36. Salado- Spanish word meaning salty.
  37. Salse- A term used in geology referring to a salty seep.
  38. Salchow- A figure-skating jump.
  39. Salix- The genus of shrubs and trees known as willows.
  40. Sallowish- Somewhat yellow or pale brown.
  41. Saltation- A leap or jump.
  42. Sallet- A light medieval helmet.
  43. Salic- Relating to the Salian Franks, their law, or dynasty.
  44. Salsilla- A Spanish term for a little salt.
  45. Saltire- A heraldic symbol in the shape of a diagonal cross.
  46. Saltish- Somewhat salty.
  47. Salvable- Capable of being saved or reclaimed.
  48. Saludatory- Relating to or characteristic of a salutation.
  49. Salmoniform- Having the shape or structure of a salmon.
  50. Saltworks- A place where salt is produced commercially.
  51. Salmagundi- A general mixture; a miscellany.
  52. Salaciously- In a manner that conveys undue interest in sexual matters.
  53. Saltationism- The hypothesis that new species arise by mutations that result in a significant and sudden change.
  54. Salinize- To treat or impregnate with salt.
  55. Salol- Another name for phenyl salicylate.
  56. Saltatory- Relating to or adapted for leaping.
  57. Sallowed- Unhealthily yellow or pale brown in color.
  58. Salvager- Someone who salvages or saves property.
  59. Salariat- A social class composed of salaried workers.
  60. Salification- The process of forming a salt.
  61. Salsuginous- Pertaining to brackish or salty environments.
  62. Saltworks- An establishment where salt is prepared for sale.
  63. Salf- Obsolete form of salve.
  64. Salmonberry- A North American plant of the rose family producing orange-red edible berries.
  65. Salish- Relating to a group of Native American peoples inhabiting British Columbia and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
  66. Salt- pan – A shallow container or depression in which salt water evaporates to leave a deposit of salt.
  67. Salpingectomy- Surgical removal of one or both fallopian tubes.
  68. Salpa- A genus of transparent barrel-shaped marine animals.
  69. Saltlike- Resembling or containing characteristics of salt.
  70. Salchichón- A variety of cured sausage from Spain.
  71. Salop- Obsolete term for a plant used in beverages and medicine.
  72. Salacity- Ardently sensual or lecherous.
  73. Salitang- A Filipino term meaning linked or connected.
  74. Saltlick- A block of salt placed in fields for animals to lick.
  75. Saltpeter- Another term for potassium nitrate used in gunpowder and fertilizers.
  76. Salsola- A genus of plants in the amaranth family.
  77. Salmonesque- Resembling or characteristic of salmon.
  78. Saliency- The state or condition of being prominent or conspicuous.
  79. Salpinx- A tube, specifically a fallopian tube.
  80. Salicine- A bitter compound obtained from willow bark.
  81. Salping- Relating to the fallopian tubes.
  82. Salteras- A town in Spain.
  83. Salubrion- A rare term for something that promotes health.
  84. Saltine- A thin, crisp cracker.
  85. Salsabil- In Arabic, a fountain in paradise.
  86. Saltcorn- Corn dried and preserved with salt.
  87. Saltless- Lacking salt.
  88. Salers- A breed of cattle from France known for beef and dairy production.
  89. Salthouse- A building where salt is stored or processed.
  90. Salpiglossis- A genus of South American plants with funnel-shaped flowers.
  91. Salman- A given name of Arabic origin.
  92. Saltbush- A type of shrub tolerant to salty soil.
  93. Saltfoot- In heraldry, a term used for a saltire resting on the lower edge of the shield.
  94. Saltless- Free from or lacking in salt.
  95. Saltjunk- Salted meat, especially beef or pork, used in ship provisions.
  96. Salma- A given name of Arabic and Hebrew origin.
  97. Salmonoid- Pertaining to or characteristic of the salmon family.
  98. Saltine- A thin, salted cracker.
  99. Salpingian- Relating to the eustachian tube of the ear.

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