Words Starting with A: A Comprehensive List and Examples

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of words that start with the letter ‘a,’ this article will provide exactly what you need.

  1. Abandon- to leave behind or desert
  2. Abate- to reduce or lessen
  3. Abbey- a building for monks or nuns
  4. Abduct- to kidnap or take by force
  5. Abhor- to hate strongly
  6. Abide- to tolerate or endure
  7. Abject- miserable, wretched
  8. Abode- a place of residence
  9. Abort- to terminate prematurely
  10. Abscond- to depart secretly
  11. Absent- not present
  12. Absorb- to take in or soak up
  13. Abstract- theoretical, not concrete
  14. Abundant- plentiful
  15. Abuse- to mistreat or misuse
  16. Abyss- a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm
  17. Accede- to agree or consent
  18. Accelerate- to speed up
  19. Accent- distinctive way of pronunciation
  20. Accentuate- to emphasize
  21. Accept- to receive willingly
  22. Access- means of approach or entry
  23. Acclaim- enthusiastic approval
  24. Acclimate- to adjust to a new environment
  25. Accommodate- to provide lodging or sufficient space
  26. Accompany- to go with someone
  27. Accomplish- to achieve or complete successfully
  28. Accord- agreement or harmony
  29. Accost- to approach and address boldly
  30. Account- a record or report of financial transactions
  31. Accredit- to certify as meeting official standards
  32. Accumulate- to gather or collect
  33. Accurate- correct and precise
  34. Accuse- to charge with a fault or crime
  35. Acknowledge- to admit or recognize
  36. Acquaint- to make familiar
  37. Acquire- to obtain or get
  38. Acquit- to declare not guilty
  39. Acre- a measure of land area
  40. Acrid- sharp or bitter in taste or smell
  41. Action- the process of doing something
  42. Active- engaging in movement
  43. Actor- one who performs in plays or films
  44. Actual- real and existing in fact
  45. Acute- sharp or severe
  46. Adapt- to adjust to new conditions
  47. Addict- one who is dependent on a substance or activity
  48. Address- a speech or written statement
  49. Adept- highly skilled
  50. Adequate- sufficient, enough
  51. Adhere- to stick firmly
  52. Adjoin- to be next to
  53. Adjourn- to postpone to a later time
  54. Adjust- to alter or move slightly
  55. Admire- to regard with respect or wonder
  56. Admit- to confess or acknowledge
  57. Adore- to love deeply
  58. Adopt- to take into one’s family or group
  59. Adorn- to decorate
  60. Advance- to move forward
  61. Advantage- a favorable circumstance or condition
  62. Advent- the arrival of a notable person or event
  63. Adventure- an unusual and exciting experience
  64. Adversary- an opponent or enemy
  65. Adverse- unfavorable or harmful
  66. Advertise- to promote publicly
  67. Advice- guidance or recommendations
  68. Advise- to offer suggestions or counsel
  69. Advocate- to support publicly
  70. Aerial- related to the air
  71. Aerobic- requiring oxygen
  72. Aesthetic- relating to beauty or the arts
  73. Affable- friendly and easy to talk to
  74. Affect- to influence or impact
  75. Affection- a gentle feeling of fondness
  76. Affirm- to declare positively
  77. Affix- to attach or stick
  78. Affluent- wealthy and prosperous
  79. Afford- to have the means to do something
  80. Aftermath- the consequences of an event
  81. Agenda- a list of items to be discussed
  82. Agile- able to move quickly and easily
  83. Agitate- to stir up or disturb
  84. Agree- to have the same opinion
  85. Agriculture- the practice of farming
  86. Ailment- an illness or disorder
  87. Aim- to direct a course or purpose
  88. Airborne- transported by air
  89. Alarm- a warning of danger
  90. Alert- watchful and aware
  91. Alibi- proof of absence from a crime scene
  92. Alien- belonging to another country or world
  93. Align- to arrange in a straight line
  94. Allege- to assert without proof
  95. Alleviate- to make less severe
  96. Allocate- to distribute resources
  97. Allow- to permit
  98. Allude- to refer to indirectly
  99. Ally- a supporter or associate
  100. Altruism- selfless concern for the well-being of others

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