Words Starting with Alo: Common Terms and Usage

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “alo,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary or solving word puzzles.

  1. Aloha – A Hawaiian greeting or farewell.
  2. Alone – Having no one else present.
  3. Along – Moving in a constant direction.
  4. Aloud – Audibly; not silently.
  5. Aloft – Up in the air.
  6. Alopecia – Hair loss.
  7. Aloof – Distant or detached in manner.
  8. Alopecia areata – An autoimmune disorder causing hair loss.
  9. Alodial – Pertaining to absolute ownership of land.
  10. Alod – A type of land ownership in medieval Europe.
  11. Alogia – Inability to speak due to mental deficiency or an episode of dementia.
  12. Alouatta – A genus of howler monkeys.
  13. Alosaur – Another term for Allosaurus, a dinosaur species.
  14. Alonely – Solitarily; alone.
  15. Alogon – A notion that cannot be logically capped.

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