Words Starting with Ante: Examples and Meanings

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ante” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your writing.

  1. Antechamber- A small room leading to a main one.
  2. Antecedent- A thing or event that existed before or logically precedes another.
  3. Antedate- To come before in time; precede.
  4. Antediluvian- Relating to the period before the biblical flood; antiquated or outdated.
  5. Antelope- A swift-running deerlike animal with smooth hair and upward-pointing horns.
  6. Antemeridian- Before noon; pertaining to the forenoon.
  7. Anterior- Near the front, especially situated in the front of the body.
  8. Antebellum- Occurring or existing before a particular war, especially the American Civil War.
  9. Antefix- An ornament at the eaves of a classical building concealing the ends of tiles.
  10. Antemortem- Occurring or performed before death.
  11. Antenatal- Occurring or existing before birth; prenatal.
  12. Antepenultimate- Third from the end; third last.
  13. Antepost- Existing before or after an event or date.
  14. Antetype- An original model or prototype.
  15. Antenna- A rod, wire, or other device used to transmit or receive radio or television signals.
  16. Antecessor- An ancestor or forebear.
  17. Antepast- The course of a meal before the main course.
  18. Antechapel- The outer part of a chapel, serving as a vestibule.
  19. Antelucan- Before the dawn.
  20. Antepone- To put before, as in rank or importance.
  21. Antemundane- Pertaining to the period before the creation of the world.
  22. Antepileptic- Before the onset of epilepsy.
  23. Antepurgatory- The place where souls were believed to wait before entering purgatory.
  24. Antennal- Pertaining to antennae.
  25. Antenniform- Shaped like an antenna.
  26. Anteroom- A room before a larger room.
  27. Anteducal- Relating to a time before the establishment of a ducal title.
  28. Anterograde- Moving forward or extending onward.
  29. Antepastoral- Occurring before a pastorate or relating to a time before being a pastor.
  30. Antepyretic- Before the onset of fever.
  31. Anterionic- Before the establishment of sovereignty or rule.
  32. Anteroseptal- In front of a septum, especially the nasal septum.
  33. Antestate- Before establishing or settling.
  34. Antevocalic- Occurring before a vowel.
  35. Anterose- A mixture of an amalgam and a rose tint.
  36. Ante- war – Occurring before a war.
  37. Antecryst- A crystal formed prior to another.
  38. Antemarcation- Before the establishment of a boundary or limit.
  39. Antevariant- Preceding the variation or change.
  40. Antereptian- Before the reception of an item or message.
  41. Antestola- Before the establishment of a stole or ecclesiastical garment.
  42. Antepartition- Before the creation of a partition or division.
  43. Antedelivery- Prior to the delivery of goods or services.
  44. Anterodorsal- In front of the dorsal surface.
  45. Antedestal- Before the establishment of a pedestal or base.
  46. Anteryll- A type of early flower that blooms before others.
  47. Ante- societal – Pertaining to a time before the formation of society.
  48. Antediagon- Referring to angles before the diagonal is considered.
  49. Anteronasal- In front of the nasal area.
  50. Antemitic- Before the creation or existence of myths.
  51. Antestoric- Before the establishment of a store or depository.
  52. Antemerge- To appear or come into existence before another event.
  53. Anterotonic- Pertaining to a condition before the onset of tone or tension.
  54. Antemyth- An earlier myth that precedes others.
  55. Anterodeltal- In front of a delta formation or area.
  56. Antequant- Before measuring or quantifying.
  57. Anteropelvic- In front of the pelvic region.
  58. Antesuperior- Before a superior position or condition.
  59. Antetension- Prior to the exertion of force or tension.
  60. Antetern- Before the setting or establishment of rules or norms.
  61. Antebrachial- Pertaining to the forearm.

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