Words Starting with Bl: List & Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “bl.

  1. Black- Of the very darkest color; the opposite of white.
  2. Blade- The flat cutting part of a tool or weapon.
  3. Blaze- A vivid glowing flame.
  4. Blend- To mix together thoroughly.
  5. Blind- Unable to see.
  6. Blink- To quickly open and close the eyes.
  7. Blast- A strong gust of air or an explosion.
  8. Blot- A spot or stain.
  9. Blur- To make unclear or indistinct.
  10. Bless- To confer or invoke divine favor upon.
  11. Blonde- Of a light color, especially hair.
  12. Blimp- A small non-rigid airship.
  13. Bloat- To swell or cause to swell.
  14. Blood- The red liquid circulating in the arteries and veins.
  15. Blunt- Having a dull edge or point; not sharp.
  16. Blush- To become red in the face.
  17. Bleep- A short high-pitched sound.
  18. Block- A solid piece of material with flat surfaces.
  19. Bloop- A short, low-pitched, electronic sound.
  20. Blurb- A short promotional piece on a book’s cover.
  21. Blame- To hold responsible for a fault or wrong.
  22. Bleak- Offering little or no hope.
  23. Bloat- To make or become swollen.
  24. Bloom- The state of flowering.
  25. Blimp- A small, non-rigid airship.
  26. Blush- To become red in the face.
  27. Bland- Lacking strong features or characteristics.
  28. Blarney- Flattery or smooth talk.
  29. Blimey- An expression of surprise or excitement.
  30. Blush- A reddening of the face.
  31. Blue- The color of a clear sky.
  32. Blush- To become red in the face.
  33. Bling- Expensive and flashy jewelry.
  34. Blur- To make or become less distinct.
  35. Bless- To confer or invoke divine favor upon.
  36. Bleep- A short, high-pitched sound.
  37. Block- A large solid piece of material.
  38. Blurb- A short description or promotional piece.
  39. Blunt- Having a worn-down edge or point.
  40. Blare- To make a loud noise.
  41. Blitz- An intense, sudden military attack.
  42. Blotch- An irregular patch or unsightly mark.
  43. Blithe- Showing a casual and cheerful indifference.
  44. Blow- To expel air through the mouth.
  45. Blush- To become red in the face.
  46. Blend- To mix thoroughly.
  47. Blot- A stain or spot.
  48. Blunt- Not sharp.
  49. Blare- A loud noise.
  50. Blink- To quickly open and close the eyes.
  51. Blush- To become red in the face.
  52. Blur- To make less visible.
  53. Blip- A short high-pitched sound.
  54. Blame- To hold responsible.
  55. Blare- A loud noise.
  56. Blight- A plant disease.
  57. Bliss- Perfect happiness.
  58. Blazer- A type of jacket.
  59. Blimp- A non-rigid airship.
  60. Bluntly- In a direct manner.
  61. Blouse- A woman’s upper garment.
  62. Blithely- In a carefree manner.
  63. Bluebird- A small bird with blue feathers.
  64. Blueprint- A detailed plan or drawing.
  65. Blunder- A careless mistake.
  66. Blub- To cry noisily.
  67. Blazing- Burning fiercely.
  68. Blizzard- A severe snowstorm.
  69. Bloodshot- Of an eye inflamed or tinged with blood.
  70. Blooming- Bearing flowers; flourishing.
  71. Blowout- A sudden rupture or bursting.
  72. Blabber- To talk excessively.
  73. Blazing- Intensely burning.
  74. Blotchy- Covered with blotches.
  75. Bluenose- A person who advocates or supports a rigorous moral code.
  76. Bluster- To talk in a loud, aggressive manner.
  77. Blockhead- A stupid person.
  78. Blasphemy- The act of insulting or showing contempt for a religious deity.
  79. Blinking- Quickly closing and opening the eyes.
  80. Blinking- Emitting a brief or intermittent light.
  81. Blameless- Free from blame or guilt.
  82. Blatant- Done openly and unashamedly.
  83. Bleached- Whitened by exposure to sunlight or chemicals.
  84. Blandness- Mildness in taste or character.
  85. Blather- To talk long-windedly without making very much sense.
  86. Blabbermouth- Someone who speaks too much or indiscreetly.
  87. Bleary- Unfocused or filmy from sleep or tiredness.
  88. Blazing- Extremely hot or fast.
  89. Blinkered- Having a limited outlook.
  90. Blamable- Deserving to be blamed.
  91. Blazon- To display prominently or vividly.
  92. Bloodhound- A large dog with a keen sense of smell.
  93. Bleacher- A usually uncovered stand of tiered seats.
  94. Blastosphere- An early stage in the embryonic development.
  95. Blithesome- Lighthearted and cheerful.
  96. Blowfish- A type of fish that can inflate.
  97. Blasphemous- Showing disrespect towards religion.
  98. Blithering- Talking foolishly at length.
  99. Blipvert- A very brief television advertisement.
  100. Blamestorming- The process of assigning blame for a failure.

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