Words Starting With Cy: List, Examples, and Questions

Looking for a comprehensive list of words that start with “cy”?

  1. Cyclone- A large-scale, atmospheric wind-and-pressure system.
  2. Cynic- A person who believes people are motivated purely by self-interest.
  3. Cylinder- A solid geometric figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval cross-section.
  4. Cyberspace- The virtual environment of computers and the internet.
  5. Cycad- A palm-like plant of tropical and subtropical regions.
  6. Cyclist- A person who rides a bicycle.
  7. Cymbal- A percussion instrument consisting of a concave brass disk.
  8. Cytoplasm- The material within a living cell, excluding the nucleus.
  9. Cyborg- A fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.
  10. Cypress- A type of coniferous tree.
  11. Cyclist- A person who rides a bicycle.
  12. Cypher- A secret or disguised way of writing; a code.
  13. Cynosure- A person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration.
  14. Cyclamen- A small Mediterranean plant with decorative leaves and flowers.
  15. Cyano- A prefix relating to the color blue.
  16. Cyclopedia- Another term for encyclopedia.
  17. Cynicism- An inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest.
  18. Cyphertext- Text processed into an unreadable form using a cipher.
  19. Cycloid- A curve generated by a point on the circumference of a circle rolling along a straight line.
  20. Cytology- The study of cells.
  21. Cysteine- A sulfur-containing amino acid.
  22. Cyst- A closed sac with a distinct membrane developed abnormally in a cavity or structure of the body.
  23. Cylinderhead- The end cover of a cylinder in an engine, fixed in the cylinder bore, often containing part of the combustion chamber.
  24. Cyanide- A highly toxic chemical compound.
  25. Cybernetic- Pertaining to cybernetics, the science of communications and automatic control systems.
  26. Cytokine- A broad category of small proteins important in cell signaling.
  27. Cycadophyta- A division of gymnosperms, including the cycads.
  28. Cyclometer- An instrument for measuring circular arcs.
  29. Cyanite- A generally blue silicate mineral.
  30. Cygnus- A northern constellation (the Swan), lying on the plane of the Milky Way.
  31. Cynophobia- A fear of dogs.
  32. Cyanotype- A photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.
  33. Cytokinesis- The process by which the cytoplasm of a cell divides.
  34. Cyclonic- Related to or resembling a cyclone.
  35. Cyanosis- A bluish discoloration of the skin due to lack of oxygen in the blood.
  36. Cyprin- A term relating to the Cyprinidae or carp family of fish.
  37. Cytogenetics- The field of genetics that involves the study of the structure and function of the cell, especially the chromosomes.
  38. Cyclohexane- A colorless, flammable liquid with a distinctive detergent-like odor, with a chemical formula of C6H12.
  39. Cybersickness- Symptoms of nausea and disorientation caused by exposure to virtual environments.
  40. Cyathium- A cup-like structure that houses the flowers in the euphorbia plant.
  41. Cytoskeleton- A microscopic network of protein filaments and tubules in the cytoplasm of many living cells.
  42. Cymograph- An instrument for tracing the outlines of the curves of arches.
  43. Cyclopropane- A colorless gas with a sweet smell, used as an anesthetic.
  44. Cytopathology- The study of disease at the cellular level.
  45. Cycloaddition- A chemical reaction that yields a cyclic product.
  46. Cymotrichous- Refers to a hair type characteristic where the hair is wavy.
  47. Cyclic- Occurring in cycles; regularly repeated.
  48. Cytosol- The liquid found inside cells.
  49. Cyclamate- An artificial sweetener.
  50. Cyclogenesis- The development or strengthening of a cyclonic circulation in the atmosphere.
  51. Cytometry- The measurement of cell characteristics.
  52. Cymiology- The study of wave phenomena.
  53. Cyanohydrin- Organic compounds having the formula R2C(OH)CN.
  54. Cyclomorphosis- Any form of cyclical change in body form or structure, often in response to environmental change.
  55. Cycloalkane- A type of hydrocarbon with a ring structure and only single bonds.
  56. Cyanelle- A photosynthetic endosymbiont similar to a cyanobacterium.
  57. Cycled- To move in or follow a regularly repeating sequence.
  58. Cyme- A flower cluster with a central stem bearing a single terminal flower that develops first.
  59. Cynophilist- A dog lover.
  60. Cyclotron- A type of particle accelerator.
  61. Cytidine- A nucleoside molecule formed when cytosine is attached to a ribose ring.
  62. Cyanobacteria- A phylum of bacteria that obtain their energy through photosynthesis.
  63. Cynergin- Organic compounds found in poisonous plants, especially nitrogenous substances.
  64. Cyclops- A genus of small crustaceans; also a mythological giant with one eye in the middle of the forehead.
  65. Cybersquatting- Registering, selling, or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from someone else’s trademark.
  66. Cypsela- A dry single-seeded fruit formed from a double ovary, typical of the daisy family (Compositae).
  67. Cyclopean- Of a type of ancient masonry made with massive irregular blocks.
  68. Cyanotype- A photographic blueprint.
  69. Cyclogenesis- The development or intensification of a cyclonic circulation.
  70. Cyanosis- Bluish discoloration of the skin due to poor circulation or inadequate oxygenation of the blood.
  71. Cyrtoceratite- Refers to a type of fossil cephalopod.
  72. Cytoblast- The nucleus of a cell.
  73. Cycloidal- Pertaining to a cycloid, a specific type of curve.
  74. Cytoblastema- A formative substance believed to be the origin of cells.
  75. Cycloidally- In a manner pertaining to or resembling a cycloid.
  76. Cyanotype- Another term for a blueprint, especially used in copying architectural and mechanical drawings.
  77. Cybotaxis- The tendency for molecules to arrange in an ordered way within an otherwise disordered phase.
  78. Cypripedium- A genus of orchids, commonly known as lady’s-slipper orchids.
  79. Cyclopentane- A chemical compound with the formula C5H10, consisting of a ring of five carbon atoms.
  80. Cytochrome- Any of a number of compounds consisting of heme bonded to a protein.
  81. Cyanuric- Relating to or derived from cyanuric acid, used in swimming pools to stabilize chlorine and reduce its loss.
  82. Cyclopaedia- Another form of the word “encyclopedia.”
  83. Cytophilic- Denoting cells that attract or adhere to one another.
  84. Cyclamate- A synthetic sweetener banned in the U.S. due to concerns over potential carcinogenic properties.
  85. Cyanophilous- Having an affinity for blue dyes.
  86. Cytoarchitecture- The study of the cellular composition of the central nervous system’s tissues under the microscope.
  87. Cyclosis- The movement of cytoplasm within a cell.
  88. Cyntaxidrosis- Sweating that is induced by heat.
  89. Cytology- The branch of biology concerned with the structure and function of plant and animal cells.
  90. Cyclicean- Pertaining to reptiles of the class Cyclicina, now known as Tornieria, a genus of dinosaurs.
  91. Cytochylema- The cytoplasm, excluding the organelles and cytoskeleton.
  92. Cyanogenic- Capable of producing cyanide, often used in describing certain plants.
  93. Cyclitidae- A family of ancient bivalve mollusks.
  94. Cytolysis- The destruction or dissolution of cells.
  95. Cymbalist- A person who plays the cymbals.
  96. Cyanophenol- A compound used in the production of various industrial chemicals.
  97. Cycloid- A geometric curve traced by a point on the circumference of a circle rolled along a straight line.
  98. Cystoscopy- A procedure used to see inside the urinary bladder and urethra.
  99. Cytherian- Pertaining to the Greek island Cythera or the goddess Venus.
  100. Cytoactive- A substance that stimulates cellular activity.

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